Why Chemotherapy
Never Works, and What Does

Why chemotherapy never works.

Chemotherapy kills.

  5 Simple reasons why chemo never works:

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 #5  Increase in blood fungus – This blood fungus can turn deadly.

 #4  Irreversible damage to liver: Liver failure occurs when large parts of the liver become damaged beyond repair and the liver is no longer able to function. Liver failure is a life-threatening condition.

 #3  “There are many drugs for which we don’t have a clue on how to select patients,” says Carlos Arteaga, M.D., of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, at the American Association for Cancer Research International Conference.

 #2  Chemotherapy is designed to successfully work for 2% of the population. The other 98% are acceptable losses.

#1 Ingredient in Chemotherapy is: CYTOTOXINS (This simply means chemo is highly poisonous to all of the body’s cells) View Chemo truth

Chemotherapy kills.

Do you have a cancer diagnosis? Then you're most likely to hear your recommended treatment is one of the following three: surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.  

Mainstream Western medicine routinely offers these 3 standard therapies, or some variation of them.

The most dreaded of these is chemotherapy because of its terrible side-effects. They can be acute, chronic, permanent, or fatal.

(Note: However, see a list of natural treatments on my 'What Kills Cancer Cells' web-page.)

Short-term chemotherapy side-effects often cause much:

  • inconvenience
  • discomfort
  • pain
  • loss of hair
Chemo blisters on feet are a typical side-effect.
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • loss of appetite
  • dangerous weight loss
  • blisters
  • burning
  • and, death.

Long-term chemotherapy side-effects can include

Loss of hearing.
  • loss of hearing
  • loss of memory
  • loss of sexual drive
  • increase in blood fungus
  • irreversible damage to your liver
  • damage your kidneys
  • causing a new cancer
  • Death.  It has a 98% chance of killing you in 5-years, or allowing the cancer to kill you.  (Many die during infusion or during the first 3 to 6 months.)
Chemo has a 98% chance of killing you in 5-years.

Yet, many oncologists are quick to recommend chemotherapy for almost any type of cancer - even though it's been shown NOT to work in over 98% of the cases!

Why are oncologists so quick to recommend chemotherapy?

Can you say "Money"?  Oncologists bring in approximately 75% to 80% of their income from prescribing Chemotherapy.  Therefore, of course they're going to prescribe chemotherapy whenever they can.

Oncologists see cancer patients as a revenue source. And, (in a recent report) when asked if they themselves would take this treatment if they had a cancer diagnoses, a resounding majority of oncologists said, "Absolutely Not"!

To discover what doctors actually say regarding chemotherapy, see my webpage: ‘What Doctors Say About Chemotherapy’.

If You've Been Prescribed Chemotherapy, Ask For a Chemosensitivity Test.

Chemosensitivity Test

Like they do at Mexican Cancer Clinics . . . 

Why?  Because a chemosensitivity test reveals which of approximately 29-chemicals in the cocktail of chemicals oncology intends to give you, will actually help kill your cancer, and which one/s of the chemicals may actually kill you instead of killing the cancer.

Does this sound like a test you would like to have, before under-going chemotherapy, rather than willingly allowing your oncologist to play Russian Roulette with your life, and allowing oncology to prescribe you a cocktail of chemicals, one which may actually kill you?

If so, you should demand a chemosensitivity test.  And if your oncologist has never heard of a chemosensitivity test, I highly recommend you get up out of your chair immediately and leave the office, and head straight for the clinic in Mexico that I went to.  Because, the clinic in Mexico does administer a chemosensitivity test before prescribing chemotherapy.  (Which they only administer a tablespoon full instead of 2-liters at a time.  However, I hope you don't take the stuff at all.)

Now that you know, you can make an informed decision about whether to take chemotherapy or not, and then, take appropriate action from an informed point of view.

How does Chemotherapy work?

Chemotherapy damages the DNA of rapidly dividing cells. Cancer cells are rapidly dividing, so that's a good thing, right? Well, yes; however, your immune system cells are also rapidly dividing. In fact, your immune system cells are the most rapidly dividing cells in your body.

At this point, I hope you start to become just a little concerned that Oncology is attacking your immune system along with the cancer.

Chemotherapy and Blood Cancer

Man pale white after chemotherapy.

Blood cancers such as lymphoma and leukemia travel throughout the body.

The human body has about 600 lymph nodes.

They make up part of our immune system. Lymphoma is cancer of the lymph nodes and lymph system; therefore, chemotherapy is Oncology's standard treatment for cancer in the lymph nodes because chemotherapy is a "systemic treatment" meaning whole body treatment.

Why is chemotherapy given before breast surgery? After mammograms detect cancer, chemotherapy is administered as standard treatment. Quite often it is administered before surgery to shrink the tumor/s.

Likewise, why is chemotherapy given for oral cancer? This practice is on the rise in the United States. Typically surgery and radiation have been the standard, but in order to decrease hospital stays to satisfy insurance companies, outpatient radiation treatments has grown in popularity for oral cancer. I do imagine this made oncology very happy.

Question: What is the first thing Oncology checks before giving the next dose of chemo?

Female technician checks microscope for chemo effects on blood.

The answer why is: Your white blood cells - that is, your immune cells. Why do Oncologists check white blood cell count? To insure the count is reduced.

Because if your immune system cell count is reduced, they also know they are reducing the speed the cancer cells are multiplying.

Does Chemo Kill All The Cancer?

If you were to ask an oncologist (chemo doctor) if chemo could ever possibly kill all of the cancer cells, the honest answer would be a resounding, "Never!"

Chemotherapy doesn't work that way.

At its very best, chemo might kill 60%, 70%, maybe even 80% of the cancer cells, but there will always be some remaining.

That would make you think, "If the chemo is not going to kill all the cancer cells, and if I'm going to live, what's going to kill the rest of the cancer cells, and why don't oncologists tell me this?"

The fact is, if your immune system cannot step up and kill the last 20% or 30% of the cancer cells, you will die from that remaining cancer. Herein lies the irony. Chemotherapy destroys the ONLY thing that can possibly save your life - that is, your immune system.

Why Would Oncology Knowingly Suppress Your Immune System?

Oncology surpresses your immune system because protocol is more important than the patient. And, unless your immune system is in the best working order to do battle with cancer, cancer will always win.

Help For Your Immune System

Since chemotherapy destroys the immune system -- what is the healing method that strengthens and turns it on so that you can be healed and restored to health?  Hint . . . You'll find these cancer treatments in Mexico.

Peggy Sue Roberts in sauna tent which is a natural, alternative treatment at Mexican cancer clinics.

The Mexican Cancer Clinic I went to in early 2007 concentrates on rebuilding and supporting your immune system.  They use natural, non-invasive, non-painful treatments to awaken your immune system and get it working again.  (See a list of natural treatments on my 'What Kills Cancer Cells' web-page.)  

At home you can take natural supplements named "Transfer Factor" but is no substitute for going to the clinic.

Natural, Alternative Treatments at

Mexican Cancer Clinics

Works Fast To Kill Cancer and Build Up Your Immune System:

My Name is Peggy Sue Roberts, the author of this website.

In 2007 I lived in Riverside, California, USA when I was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer and told I had as short as 3-months to live.

Go to the Mexican cancer clinic I went to.

Oncology almost killed me with chemo, and then sent me home to die.

I researched and found a wonderful clinic in Mexico which was recommended by an American investigative reporter who had checked out over 300-clinics world-wide.  I decided to go to the Mexican cancer clinic he recommended.

After a few weeks of non-painful, natural treatments, I walked out of the clinic clear of cancer and ready to live again.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” 
The Bible, Hosea 4:6

Peggy Sue Roberts June 2013

Thank you for visiting my website. I wish you and your family the best of health and happiness.

Peggy Sue Roberts, Southern California, USA

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This website was compiled and maintained by Peggy Sue & Jim Roberts, and our son, Rusty Roberts. 

Ty Bollinger recommends cancer patients consider natural, alternative cancer treatments in Mexico.

Survivor Stories

Peggy Sue Roberts

Hi.  My name is Peggy Sue Roberts, of Southern California, USA.  This is my personal account of what happened to me in 2007.


Maxine Mavis Wikipiri from New Zealand went to the clinic after her conventional doctor had sent her home to die. She is now back home cancer free.

I became cancer-free after 3-weeks of natural treatments.

Hi.  My name is Peggy Sue Roberts, the author of this website. This is my personal account of surviving stage-4 cancer in 2007.

I was diagnosed with 22-tumors in my upper body, pronounced that I had terminal stage-4 cancer, and oncology declared that I had as short as 3-months to live.

Without giving me a chemo sensitivity test, he then treated me with aggressive high doses of chemo.  I had an allergic reaction to the second dose, and it almost killed me in the chair.   

My oncologist then stated he couldn't do anything else for me, and sent me home to die.

By this time I was in late-stage-4 cancer with intense pain. My husband, Jim Roberts, did an exhaustive, wide-spread search to discover natural, alternatives cancer treatments at a Mexican Cancer Clinic.  The treatments were non-invasive and not painful in any way.

The doctor explained he has a two-pronged approach:

First - he builds up the immune system.

Secondly - he kills cancer cells at a pace the cancer patient can keep pace with and eliminate them  from the body.

I went to the clinic in March 2007, had 3-weeks of natural, alternative treatments and returned home to California cancer-free.  

My amazing recovery astonished all my friends and family who were expecting to receive my funeral announcement.

Much like me, you’re here looking for natural, alternative cancer treatments at a Mexican cancer clinic for you, or for a loved one.  

I am more than confident this is the clinic and doctor you're searching for.

This Mexican clinic has my blessing and my confidence.

Survivor Stories

Peggy and Ben

Ben had been struggling with cancer for 8 years and was ready to give up when he found our website.

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