3 Simple Reasons Why Chemo Never Works

Three Reasons Chemotherapy Never Works & A Natural Alternative You Can Use Instead

Chemo is a deadly drug. It's the meaning of cytotoxin

REASON #1: The number 1 ingredient in Chemo is: CYTOTOXINS. Cytotoxic drugs are powerful chemotherapy medications used to kill cancerous cells.  Conventional oncologist say, "If cancer cells cannot multiply, the disease can potentially be controlled". Although cancerous cells are the target of cytotoxic chemotherapy, these medicines also interact with healthy cells that are actively dividing.

Oxygen has been proven to successfully treat cancer.

Natural Alternative Treatment Available To You: Experts have reported you can control the cancer metastasizing by using OXYGEN. Want to know more about oxygen therapy?


REASON #2: Why chemotherapy never works.

Carlos Arteaga, M.D.~

Doctors admit they are prescribing potentially the wrong drugs to their patients.

Carlos Arteaga, M.D., of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, at the American Association for Cancer Research International Conference. "There are many drugs for which we don't have a clue on how to select patients."

Heat has been to successfully used, all over the world, to treat cancer.

Natural Alternative Treatment Available To You: Expert natural doctors have been successfully using heat to severely damage cancer cells.  Want to know more about hyperthermia?


REASON #3: Why chemotherapy never works.

(Journal of Clinical Oncology 2004 – “Many patients would choose chemotherapy for a small benefit in health outcomes”.)

Chemotherapy is designed to successfully work for small portion of the population.

The majority of cancer patients are acceptable losses. (Journal of Clinical Oncology 2004“Many patients would choose chemotherapy for a small benefit in health outcomes”.)

The journal Science designated

Natural Alternative Treatment Available To You: The National Cancer Institute reported in 2014 the immune system’s natural capacity to detect and destroy abnormal cells may prevent the development of many cancers. The journal Science designated "immunotherapy of cancer" as its Breakthrough of the Year in 2013. Want to know more about immunotherapy?

2 Reasons You’ll Never Fully Get Over Cancer Unless you do this…

You’ll understand how you may become a survivor too once you watch this short survivor video & turn up your speakers.

Test Your knowledge About 
Cancer & Treatments With The Wisdom Of Experts

Why Chemo almost never work?

"You cannot poison your body into health with drugs, chemo or radiation. Health can only be achieved with healthful living."      ~ T. C. Fry, Champion of Natural Hygiene This also means healthy treatments. 

Why Western Medicine Won’t Allow Cancer to Be Cured? Any Idea?  

Dr. Mercola says, “Nearly 2 MILLION Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year—1 person out of 3 will be hit with a cancer diagnosis at some time in their lives, in spite of the massive technological advances over the past half-century”. The reason for this is money. It generates billions of dollars in annual income to treat cancer.  

The clinic I went to in Mexico is serving organic meals VS conventional oncologists in the U.S. have been known to serve donuts.  Instead of donuts, integrating a ketogenic diet with hyperbaric oxygen therapy is deadly to cancer cells by starving them of their fuel source.  It's a good reason to get to a Mexican clinic asap. 


What does cancer like to eat?   Any Idea?

Dr. D'Agostino says, “Without a doubt the most powerful essential strategy I know of to treat cancer is to starve the cells by depriving them of their food source. Unlike your body cells, which can burn carbs or fat for fuel, cancer cells have lost that metabolic flexibility”.  In short, you should eliminate sugar from your diet. This may be difficult. 

Most cancer patients die of what?   The answer may shock you...any idea?

Dr. Mercola says, “most cancer patients die not of the tumor but the metastasizing of cancer”.  


By combining multiple therapies into a personalized program, just for me, the Mexican Cancer Clinic took me from terminal to survivor in just several weeks.  I believe this could also happen for you. 

85% of the cancer patients who went to the same clinic I did are still living today.

Do you want to know Everything Natural, Alternative Cancer Survivors Know About Surviving?

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