What Kills Cancer Cells Naturally?

What kills cancer cells naturally? 

In 2009 there were approximately 100 known natural, alternative treatments. They are what kills cancer cells naturally. Those (outlined in red below) were used by the Mexican Cancer Clinic where this website author (Peggy Sue Roberts) went in 2007 after oncology in California almost killed me with chemo.  

(Read more of my Cancer Survivor story.)

Praise God, I found the Mexican cancer clinic that uses natural, alternative cancer treatments to kill my stage-4 cancer naturally!

What Kills Cancer Cells Naturally?

1. A healthy, properly functioning immune system kills cancer cells naturally.

One gets cancer by not having a healthy properly working immune system which has stopped working, stopped detecting, and stopped killing cancer cells as it should. 

A healthy Immune System will kill cancer cells.

The Mexican Cancer Clinic administers immune therapies through IV drip to restore the immune system of cancer patients.

At home, you can help wake-up your immune system to do its job with Transfer Factor which is an all natural supplement.  It is not a substitute for going to the Mexican clinic, but is known to help boost your immune system.  Other natural supplements such as Beta-1, 3D Glucan are also known to rebuild the immune system.

2. & 3. Sugar feeds cancer, while heat above 107 degrees 'F' / 41.7 degrees Celsius (produced by an Infrared Heat Lamp, and other equipment used by the Mexican Cancer Clinics, and as seen on my 'Products & Equipment' webpage) kills cancer cells naturally.  (At Mexican Cancer Clinics this is known as localized and whole-body hyperthermia.

An Infrared Heat Lamp is used to administer localized hyperthermia (heat above 107 degrees F.)Localized Hyperthermia.
A cancer patient is receiving whole body hypothermia in equipment designed to raise the body temperature to 107 degrees F (for 30-minute sessions) which kills cancer cells naturally.Whole body hyperthermia.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is used to administer oxygen in a pressurized oxygen chamber to kill cancer cells.Hyperbaric Oxygen

4. & 5.  The lack of oxygen will aid cancer to develop and multiply by allowing the body to become acidic.  The Mexican Cancer Clinic uses multiple oxygen therapies including individual 

Portable oxygen generator is used with a hose connected to the nose.  Oxygen kills cancer cells naturally!Oxygen generator

oxygen generators and hyperbaric oxygen chambers because oxygen kills cancer cells naturally and brings the body back alkaline. 

Oxygen can be:

  • breathed-in from a personalized oxygen generator.
  • forced into the skin by use of a pressurized chamber called a hyperbaric oxygen chamber (used in Mexico) to force skin absorption.
  • injected in an IV-drip.
  • breathed-in by use of a special oxygenated mist through the mouth or nose.
  • drink ozone treated water, or water with special diluted oxygen producing therapy.
Specially treated Chlorophyll

6. Specially treated Chlorophyll is used as an activator at the Mexican Cancer Clinic kills cancer cells naturally.  This procedure is called Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy.  The chlorophyll is absorbed by cancer cells and is activated by the use of an ultra-sound machine, and/or by light.  When activated, the chlorophyll kills cancer at the cellular level with no harm to healthy cells.

Rife Technology kills cancer naturally.Rife Technology

7. Rife Technology uses radio frequency to kill cancer cells naturally.  The discovery of this technology is credited to Dr.  Royal Raymond Rife of the USA in the early 1900's.  The process was extremely successful in the USA, but when Dr Rife wouldn't sell his process to the AMA, his life's work and equipment was mysteriously stolen in a midnight burglary of Dr. Rife's facility.  Afterward, his rife technology was outlawed for use in the USA.

However, use of Rife Technology is fully approved by the health department in Mexico and used very successfully and effectively at many Mexican Cancer Clinics.

DMSO is administered by IV-drip at Mexican cancer clinics to kill cancer cells naturally.

8. DMSO which is short for Dimethyl sulfoxide kills cancer cells naturally. Although not approved for this use by authorities in the USA, it is fully approved by the Mexican health department and has also proved its ability to kill cancer if used appropriately.  (At the Mexican Cancer Clinic, DMSO is administered through an IV drip.)

9. Hydrogen Peroxide kills cancer cells naturally.  Hydrogen peroxide by IV drip is another treatment at Mexican Cancer Clinics and has been proven to be very effective at killing cancer cells. 

10. Along with vitamins, cancer patients need to nourish your immune system and non-cancerous cells, and also nourish cells damaged with chemo or radiation treatments.  Mexican cancer clinics accomplish this with supplementation administered by IV-drip known as Immune Therapies.  These are just 10 of the ways that answer: What Kills Cancer Cells Naturally.

Summary of What Kills Cancer Cells Naturally:

It is strongly recommended cancer patients not GUESS and treat yourself at home.  Instead, Go to Mexico.

Go to Mexico.

Natural, Non-Invasive, Alternative Treatments  

Work Fast at the Mexican Cancer Clinic!

You now posses many answers to: "What Kills Cancer Cells Naturally".  

For best results in the shortest time, I strongly urge you to go to the Mexican Cancer Clinic where I went.

You'll find many of these products located on my 'Products and Equipment For Cancer Patients' webpage.

(Use the form below to get the clinic name and complete contact information.)

 Turn up your speaker volume to follow this short and amazing survivor story. 

Peggy Sue Roberts June 2013Peggy Sue Roberts in 2013

Thank you for visiting my website and 'What Kills Cancer Naturally' web page. I wish you and your family the best of health and happiness.

Peggy Sue Roberts, Southern California, USA

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This website and this "What Kills Cancer Cells" webpage was compiled and maintained by Peggy Sue & Jim Roberts, and our son, Rusty Roberts. 

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Ty Bollinger recommends cancer patients consider natural, alternative cancer treatments in Mexico.

Survivor Stories

Peggy Sue Roberts

Hi.  My name is Peggy Sue Roberts, of Southern California, USA.  This is my personal account of what happened to me in 2007.


Maxine Mavis Wikipiri from New Zealand went to the clinic after her conventional doctor had sent her home to die. She is now back home cancer free.

I became cancer-free after 3-weeks of natural treatments.

Hi.  My name is Peggy Sue Roberts, the author of this website. This is my personal account of surviving stage-4 cancer in 2007.

I was diagnosed with 22-tumors in my upper body, pronounced that I had terminal stage-4 cancer, and oncology declared that I had as short as 3-months to live.

Without giving me a chemo sensitivity test, he then treated me with aggressive high doses of chemo.  I had an allergic reaction to the second dose, and it almost killed me in the chair.   

My oncologist then stated he couldn't do anything else for me, and sent me home to die.

By this time I was in late-stage-4 cancer with intense pain. My husband, Jim Roberts, did an exhaustive, wide-spread search to discover natural, alternatives cancer treatments at a Mexican Cancer Clinic.  The treatments were non-invasive and not painful in any way.

The doctor explained he has a two-pronged approach:

First - he builds up the immune system.

Secondly - he kills cancer cells at a pace the cancer patient can keep pace with and eliminate them  from the body.

I went to the clinic in March 2007, had 3-weeks of natural, alternative treatments and returned home to California cancer-free.  

My amazing recovery astonished all my friends and family who were expecting to receive my funeral announcement.

Much like me, you’re here looking for natural, alternative cancer treatments at a Mexican cancer clinic for you, or for a loved one.  

I am more than confident this is the clinic and doctor you're searching for.

This Mexican clinic has my blessing and my confidence.

Survivor Stories

Peggy and Ben

Ben had been struggling with cancer for 8 years and was ready to give up when he found our website.

Donations are used for the upkeep of this website.  Thank You.