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My survivor story is true and reveals how incredibly well natural, alternative cancer treatments work at the Mexican cancer clinic in Tijuana, BC, Mexico.  Turn up your speakers

"I went from terminal to survivor in just 3-weeks." Peggy Sue Roberts

On this page I discuss the most popular natural treatments. Each person is different; therefore, you may need a different program than I received.  The Mexican cancer clinic in Tijuana, BC, Mexico that I went to  has a 5-year, 85 % success rate with most cancer types and stages.  A short free-consultation with the clinic doctor will let you know if they think they can help you.  To receive your free-consultation, complete the form below or click here to go directly to the form.

What Kills Cancer Cells Naturally?

A healthy, properly functioning immune system kills cancer cells naturally

Immunotherapy: A healthy, properly functioning immune system kills cancer cells naturally. The National Cancer Institute reported in 2014 the immune system’s natural capacity to detect and destroy abnormal cells may prevent the development of many cancers. 

Many, or most, cancer cells are able to avoid detection and destruction by the immune system. Experts say that many cancers cloke themselves in a protien to appear as a normal cell, thereby tricking the immune system to not attack them.

Mexican Clinics have been using immunotherapy treatments, for years now, to restore or enhance the immune system’s ability to fight cancer.

These therapies either stimulate the activities of specific components of the immune system or counteract signals produced by cancer cells that suppress immune responses. The journal Science designated "immunotherapy of cancer" as its Breakthrough of the Year in 2013.

What Kills Cancer Cells Naturally?

Heat above 104+ ℉ has been reported to severely damage all cancer cells

Hyperthermia (Local and/or whole body): heat above 104+ has been reported (European Journal of Oncology 1965) to severely damage all cancer cells. This treatment is non-toxic to healthy cells. They reported heat created changes in the cell structure of tumor cells. These changes made cancer cells more sensitive to the effects of certain anticancer drugs.


In advanced cases it takes special equipment to safely induce a curative dose of hyperthermia in cancer cells and should be monitored by a skilled physician. Clinics in the U.S. now offer hyperthermia treatments, BUT U.S. conventional oncologists also must give you chemotherapy.

A heat lamp at home may help, but people who want the best chance to survive seek professional help.

Experts have proven chemotherapy is NOT the only anti-cancer agent available to kill cancer cells. If you want natural treatments, that work fast, you’ll find them at a Mexican Cancer Clinic.

What Kills Cancer Cells Naturally?

Oxygen deficiency is ALWAYS present when cancer develops.

Oxygen Therapy Experts have said tumors that grow in hypoxic (low oxygen) environments are more prone to metastases and more lethal to the patient. They’re also more likely to mutate toward resistant genotypes.  They found oxygen deficiency is ALWAYS present when cancer develops.

Experts explain the reason behind cancer hypoxia as a lack of oxygen commonly created as a tumor outgrows its blood supply. This signals a tumor to grow and metastasize in search of new oxygen sources — for example, hypoxic bladder cancers are likely to metastasize to the lungs, which is frequently deadly.

Cancer's low-oxygen environment is 3 times more resistant to radiotherapy. This is good news for conventional doctor’s who make a living off radiotherapy (more treatments mean more money). Restoring oxygen levels to that of a normal cell makes the tumors 3 times more sensitive to other natural treatments.

A new study finds that giving high-dose oxygen may help efforts to stimulate the immune system against tumors. Destroying cancer cells with oxygen goes back to the 1930s, when Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg, M.D., discovered that, compared to normal cells, cancer cells have a low respiration rate.

Methods of delivering high oxygen to the body:

  • Breathed-in from a personalized oxygen generator
  • Hyperbaric oxygen chamber (used in Mexico) to force skin absorption
  • Injected in an IV-drip
  • Drink ozone treated water, or water with special diluted oxygen producing therapy

What Kills Cancer Cells Naturally?

A type of drug called a sono-sensitizer, which is sensitive to sound

Sonodynamic Therapy: This therapy utilizes specific light and sound wavelengths to activate a substance that concentrates in cancer cells and responds to cause a cancer killing effect.  Sonodynamic Therapy and Photodynamic Therapy are well-researched treatment modalities that have been around for decades.

In sonodynamic therapy, the patient will take a type of drug called a sono-sensitizer, which is sensitive to sound. Cancer cells absorb the sensitizer and hold onto it, while normal cells absorb and clear it out fairly quickly.

Once that happens, ultrasound is used to activate the sensitizer within the cancer cells. The activated sensitizer "explodes" into free radical oxygen, inducing death of the cancer cell because it cannot survive in a high oxygen environment.

What Kills Cancer Cells Naturally?

Peggy Sue Roberts using a RIFE machine.Peggy Sue Roberts using a RIFE machine.

Rife Technology uses radio frequency to naturally kill cancer cells through heat. Radio Frequency heating is different than hyperthermia. Radio Frequency heats at the molecular level, so it heats from within the body, as well as, the surface.

Rife technology is used for deep tissue penetration heat treatment. It’s been used for decades and is very effective. We already know from hyperthermia that heat severely damages cancer cells. 

What Kills Cancer Cells Naturally?

Intravenous or IV therapies are infusions of nutrients and vitamins

IV Therapy (DMSO, Customized IV therapy and hydrogen peroxide):  Intravenous or IV therapies are infusions of nutrients and vitamins like B17, Sodium Bicarbonate, Vitamin D and high doses of Vitamin C.

DMSO has anti-inflammatory effects. Hydrogen peroxide is used to infuse oxygen to the body to create an oxygen rich environment where cancer cells cannot survive.

DMSO which is short for Dimethyl sulfoxide kills cancer cells naturally. Although not approved for this use by authorities in the USA, it is fully approved by the Mexican health department and has also proved its ability to kill cancer if used appropriately.  (At the Mexican Cancer Clinic, DMSO is administered through an IV drip.)

Why Cancer Comes Back & What You Can Do About It...

You can treat cancer at home, but...

Can you treat yourself at home?  I get asked about this a lot. Check out cancer weakness cheat sheet and my products and equipment page. 

Don't mess around if you're in late stages of cancer. You should get professional help right away. The clinic I went to has an 85% success rate for most types of cancer and all stages.

It didn't help much when I took natural home remedies. I was stage-4 and had been given massive doses of chemotherapy.

I needed professional help from a Mexican Cancer Clinic.  If this sounds like you, you’ll want to watch the video of my experience going from nearly dead to survivor in 3-weeks. 

Test Your Assumptions About Cancer & Treatments

Why Western Medicine Won’t Allow Cancer to Be Cured? Any Idea?  

Dr. Mercola says, “Nearly 2 MILLION Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year—1 person out of 3 will be hit with a cancer diagnosis at some time in their lives, in spite of the massive technological advances over the past half-century”. The reason for this is money. It generates billions of dollars in annual income to treat cancer.  

The clinic I went to in Mexico is serving organic meals VS conventional oncologists in the U.S. have been known to serve donuts.  Instead of donuts, integrating a ketogenic diet with hyperbaric oxygen therapy is deadly to cancer cells by starving them of their fuel source.  It's a good reason to get to a Mexican clinic asap. 

What does cancer like to eat?   Any Idea?

Dr. D'Agostino says, “Without a doubt the most powerful essential strategy I know of to treat cancer is to starve the cells by depriving them of their food source. Unlike your body cells, which can burn carbs or fat for fuel, cancer cells have lost that metabolic flexibility”.  In short, you should eliminate sugar from your diet. This may be difficult. 

Most cancer patients die of what?   The answer may shock you...any idea?

Dr. Mercola says, “most cancer patients die not of the tumor but the metastasizing of cancer”.   

By combining multiple therapies into a personalized program, just for me, the Mexican Cancer Clinic took me from terminal to survivor in just several weeks.  I believe this could also happen for you. 

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Peggy Sue Roberts June 2013Peggy Sue Roberts in 2013

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