Vitamin B17 (Protocol)                  And Cancer

Vitamin B-17 occurs in nature in Apricot seeds.

Vitamin B-17 Sources (IV drip is used in Mexican Cancer Clinics)

It occurs in nature (used by Mexican cancer clinics) mostly in seeds such as in apricot kernels, peach kernels, apple seeds, grape seeds, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, bean sprouts, Lima beans and macadamia nuts. It is also known as Laetrile and Amygdalin. It is also found in wheat grass.

Apricot seeds are probably the most plentiful source of vitamin B-17, but the FDA has banned the sale of raw apricot seeds in health food stores. You can only buy sun dried ones which have all the important enzymes killed off. The apricot seed was claimed as the cure for all cancers over 35-years ago. 

Cancer Killer

The claim was that anyone who ate 7-apricot seeds per day would never get cancer, similar claims have been made that if one eats 1-orange per day that s/he would not get scurvy.

At the clinic in Mexico, Vitamin B-17 in given in an IV so that it is not degraded by stomach acids.  

However, to get some of this protocol in a capsule form, rather than none, is far better to me.

Just down the page is a couple of cautions when using this protocol that should be noted pertaining to additional supplements to take with this protocol.

Medical staff.

Secondary Therapy Needed

Information available regarding this protocol as a cancer killer shows that it is a fantastic alternative cancer treatment protocol, and it also helps to boost the immune system.

However, additional treatments need to be involved to restore non-cancerous tissue and organs damaged by cancer, chemo and radiation; because evidence shows most cancer patients die due to damage to their non-cancerous organs and tissue.

For this reason, Mexican cancer clinics concentrate on both the protocol and rebuilding/supporting the rest of the body in therapies included in IV drips. 

Vitamin B17 (aka Laetrile or Amygdalin)

How This Protocol Works

Vitamin B-17 (aka Laetrile or Amygdalin) is one of the most well-known alternative cancer treatment therapies widely used in Mexican cancer treatment clinics. It is reported that this protocol targets and kills cancer cells while also boosting the immune system.

One of the good side-effects of laetrile therapy is that more vitamin B-12 is made in the body. With this in mind, make sure you supplement this protocol with vitamin-C. Both C and B-12 are, by themselves, a treatment for cancer.

It is highly recommended along with this protocol that the cancer patient eat a diet which complements this protocol. One can find suggested foods from the list on Alkaline Foods page and make life changes according to those included on my Diet and Nutrition page. 

Supplement Vitamin B17 with vitamin C.

Supplement This Protocol

When using this protocol in any setting, authorities recommend supplementing with zinc because it is used as a transport mechanism for laetrile. What they don’t say is how much, so that leaves us with the U.S. RDA as a guide which is 15-milligrams per day.

Also supplement with vitamin-C (build up to 6-grams a day), manganese, selenium, vitamins A, vitamins B-6, B-9, B-12, vitamin-E (at least 2,000 I.U.)

Under Doctor’s Supervision

This vitamin B-17 protocol should be monitored by your doctor because several things could happen.

1. May cause low blood pressure.

2. May cause thin blood.


This vitamin B-17 protocol can be used at home or in a clinic setting. However, because the cancer patient needs to be monitored during treatment, a clinic setting is preferred, such as: the clinic in Mexico where I went. Additionally, the cancer victim needs to supplement to build-up non-cancerous tissue and organs damages by cancer, chemo, or radiation because most cancer patients die from damage to organs from one of these three.

Alternative Cancer Treatments That Work Fast at a Clinic in Mexico

My Name is Peggy Sue Roberts, the author of this website.

In 2007 I lived in Riverside, California, USA when I was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer and told I had as short as 3-months to live.

Oncology almost killed me with chemo, and then sent me home to die.

I researched the internet, talked to friends, networked, shopped, and found a wonderful Mexican Cancer Clinic which was recommended in a book by a nationally known author regarding ‘Natural Cures’ which I found at my local health food store in Riverside, CA.  The author had researched over 300-natural clinics worldwide and recommended this one particular clinic in Tijuana, BC, Mexico. 

This clinic has an impressive 5-year success rate which you will definitely want to go to! 

After a few weeks of non-painful, natural treatments, I walked out of the clinic clear of cancer and ready to live again.  I’m sure you can too if you get there in time for them to help you.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” 
The Bible, Hosea 4:6

Peggy Sue Roberts June 2013

Thank you for visiting my website. I wish you and your family the best of health and happiness.

Peggy Sue Roberts, USA

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Survivor Stories

Peggy Sue Roberts

Hi.  My name is Peggy Sue Roberts, of Southern California, USA, and the author of this website. This is my personal account of what happened to me in 2007.


Maxine Mavis Wikipiri from New Zealand went to the clinic after her conventional doctor had sent her home to die. She is now back home cancer free.

Go to Peggy Sue's Cancer Survivor webpage.

I became cancer-free after 3-weeks of natural treatments.

Hi.  My name is Peggy Sue Roberts, the author of this website. This is my personal account of surviving stage-4 cancer in 2007.

I was diagnosed with 22-tumors in my upper body, pronounced that I had terminal stage-4 cancer, and oncology declared that I had as short as 3-months to live.

Without giving me a chemo sensitivity test, he then treated me with aggressive high doses of chemo.  I had an allergic reaction to the second dose, and it almost killed me in the chair.   

My oncologist then stated he couldn't do anything else for me, and sent me home to die.

By this time I was in late-stage-4 cancer with intense pain. My husband, Jim Roberts, did an exhaustive, wide-spread search to discover natural, alternatives cancer treatments at a Mexican Cancer Clinic.  The treatments were non-invasive and not painful in any way.

The doctor explained he has a two-pronged approach:

First - he builds up the immune system.

Secondly - he kills cancer cells at a pace the cancer patient can keep pace with and eliminate them  from the body.

I went to the clinic in March 2007, had 3-weeks of natural, alternative treatments and returned home to California cancer-free.  

My amazing recovery astonished all my friends and family who were expecting to receive my funeral announcement.

Go to Request Clinic Contact Information, and I’ll send you the complete contact information of the clinic.

Viewed 5-Year Results: Since 2007 Jim and I have kept track viewing 726 patients surviving 5-years or longer from this clinic.

Much like me, you’re here looking for natural, alternative cancer treatments at a Mexican cancer clinic for you, or for a loved one.  I am more than confident that this is the clinic and doctor you're searching for.

This Mexican clinic has my blessing and my confidence.

Survivor Stories

Peggy and Ben

Ben had been struggling with cancer for 8 years and was ready to give up when he found our website.

Mary and Henery

Video of Marie and Henery from the country of Belize

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