“Transfer Factor”

We made the switch from Transfer Factor To Beta-1 Glucan.

We made the switch from Transfer Factor to Beta-1 Glucan. Why? Because it works better than Transfer Factor and it's easier to acquire. 

Beta-1 Glucan has been proven to effectively boost your immune system to fight cancer.

Beta Glucan is better than Transfer Factor at restoring the immune system. If you've had any disease or treatments which have degraded your immune system you should be taking Beta-1 Glucan. 

Over 3,000 health studies and papers completed. 

Here’s some help for those who are in need to boost your immune system.  This supplement has been around for many decades; and yet, only a very small number of us know there have been over 3,000 studies completed on Beta-1 Glucan.  

Ten's of thousands of people take Beta-1 Glucan daily.

Tens of thousands of people around the world take this immune system booster daily because it works, yet few have even heard of it.

Over $40,000,000 R&D, in the past fifty-years. 

Well documented and scientifically validated, this immune system booster has emerged worldwide as a profoundly important tool to restore good health, and then maintain it.

Take Beta-1 Glucan to wake-up, rebuild, and restore your immune system.

Many are Spared from Infectious Diseases. 

One of the big fears during Traditional Treatments from Chemotherapy and Radiation is that of Infectious Diseases. 

Those taking these treatments also take great cautions to avoid sick children and adults.  This immune system booster has been very effective helping the immune system remember and perform its primary function, which is: fight off infections.  

Shouldn't you be taking this supplement to wake-up, rebuild, restore your immune system?

Because your immune system is under attack . . . take Beta-1 Glucan over Transfer Factor and fight back.  

When working properly, our immune system is all that is needed against diseases; help it by taking Beta-1 Glucan. Transfer Factor is old news.

A Healthy Immune System Will Restore Your Health

Recommended in 2013 and 2014 PDR. 

Most of the world hasn't seen a Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR), but doctors use it like a Bible to recommend this to boost the immune system of those in need.

Therefore, doctors agree with the evidence that this supplement product boosts the immune system.  

Beta-1 Glucan is doctor approved and recommended.

Testimonials acknowledge their doctor agreeing, when asked if they thought it would be OK to take this product.  In fact: many doctors and chiropractors agree so much, they and their families use Beta-1 Glucan because it works. Transfer Factor is old news. 

When our immune system works properly, we don’t usually get the common cold, allergies, the flu, or other diseases because our immune system kills the attacking germs, infections, and mutated cells. 

Beta-1 Glucan has been proven to effectively boost your immune system to fight cancer.

The Science Behind Beta-1 Glucan 

This product educates your immune system, wakes it up, and re-identifies threats to the body so that the body attacks any threat to the body, as it should.

Backed by scientist and doctors, Beta-1 Glucan products are patented, researched, and used by thousands of people around the world.  You can experience a smarter immune system and discover just how good healthy can feel!  "If you're not using this immune system booster, you should be."

Get a bottle of Beta-1 Glucan today

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“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” 
The Bible, Hosea 4:6

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