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  • Clinic Name: Immunity Therapy Center
  • Location: They are located in Tijuana; just five minutes from the U.S./Mexico border, and twenty-five minutes from San Diego International Airport. 
  • Medical Director: Dr. Bautista
  • Website:
  • Phone: (760) 424-2151
  • Cost of treatment: Their out-patient 3-week treatments are $18,995 USD. Some patients and conditions may require longer than 3 weeks. If you need to stay longer, the Medical Director will work with you.
  • Funding Treatments: We understand the cost of treatments can be expensive. In our experience, we have found 9 alternative ways to fund treatment, go here.
  • What Are Your Possible Survival ChancesWe send out thousands of newsletters each month. The following feedback is from patients who have been to the clinic we recommended and some treated themselves at home. Over 85% of patients are alive and well 5+ years later, even if they were in stage-4 and have been sent home to die like I was in January 2007. I'd say your chances are pretty good! Note ** If you decide to go to the clinic you should speak with the medical director to see if he/she feels they can help you.
  • Average Length of StayPatients stay at the clinic on-average 3-weeks. You may need to stay at the clinic longer or shorter, it all depends on your cancer type and condition. To get a more specific time estimate during your free phone consultation with the clinic.
  • Safety: A lot of people ask about the safety of attending a Mexican cancer clinic. Watch this video featuring patients and companions discussing their experience, click here.

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Talk to us... We're great at answering specific questions from the standpoint of a cancer survivor. We can also help you schedule a free phone consultation to talk to Dr. Bautista about your situation to see if he believes he can help you. If anyone can, I'm confident it's him. Give us a call at: (760) 424-2151

People routinely ask us why we go so far to help. The answer is:

  • We understand what it feels like to not know what to do. I was stage-4 with just several weeks to live and not much money.  We share our experience and answer your specific questions, so you may have the best chance to survive too. 
  • After I returned home from being healed at Dr. Bautista's clinic I began to use home products to keep my cancer from returning (lymphoma is notorious for coming back). We've gained a lot of insight on what works and what doesn't. Therefore we stay in touch by email and make product suggestions to you. 

Cancer patients who are connected to cancer survivors have a much higher survival rate. 

What you get when you're connected to Stage-4 cancer survivor Peggy Sue Roberts: 

  • The experience of being a cancer survivor who was sent home to die by a conventional oncologist.
  • The ability to speak with us when you need to. 
  • Learn what Peggy does at home to stay cancer free.
  • Have a free consultation with Dr. Bautista to see where you are right now in your battle with cancer, and if he feels he can help you like he did for Peggy Sue Roberts. **

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