Stage-4 Squamous Cell Carcinoma

by Gary Harmon

The year was 1990 when I was told I had squamous cell carcinoma.

It was a little hard to accept because my daily routine consisted of a 1-1/2 hr. workout early most mornings and a kitchen cabinet full of vitamin supplements.

It was called head and neck cancer but also referred to as squamous cell carcinoma. Many years later I found out that squamous cell carcinoma was most often associated with skin cancer and in fact, squamous cells are located in your skin tissue and the lining of narrow organs and in passages of your respiratory and digestive tracts.

That was me ...and that's where my cancer was spreading and not so much on my skin.

My cancer began somewhere in my neck; it first showed up as a small lump on the right side of my neck and, in time, progressed to the other side of my neck and in my throat.

It was my own decisions that let it progress so far, but if I had known then what I know now, I would have made some different decisions, along with keeping some of the same decisions which have been of great benefit to me.

I wanted a natural alternative cure to make this cancer go away and because I was already familiar with the macrobiotic diet and knew that many have used it to regain their health and overcome disease ...I made that my plan.

I went to The Kushi Institute in Beckett, MA for one week. I consulted with Michio Kushi and all week long I learned how to "make food my medicine" and take control of my own health.

I went home and consulted with a few more counselors in my area and began my quest to get rid of this ugly disease.

My wife was a great support (and still is) and she cooked for me every day.

A counselor in Beckett had told me to be patient because it could get worse before it gets better, that the tumors could grow before shrinking because of toxins discharging and some of it still going to the tumors.

Well ...that's what happened and it began to pose an immediate threat to me as I saw the tumor growing inside my mouth and I became afraid that it would cut off my breathing and swallowing.

I freaked out and went back to my medical doctors. I consented to let them begin with their plan of treatment and I had no idea of the serious, long term effects of these conventional treatments.

I ended up getting bombed with their complete arsenal of chemotherapy, major surgery and 30 days of strong radiation. It took all that to kill the cancer, but did that mean I was healthy now?

NOPE ...SORRY ...the prognosis now was 5 years and if I made it past that, 10 years would be the most I could survive. By the way, the prognosis was based on the anticipated side effects of those aggressive treatments.

Well I never let that bother me and I have never let it enter my frame of mind. I'm about living and enjoying life.

Yeh, the long term side effects have taken their toll on my health, BUT I continue to eat and live a very healthy lifestyle as much as possible and here I am, still as of 2012, 22 years later!!

So what would I have done different, knowing what I know now?

I would have, as I did then, embark of a healthy diet and lifestyle, but I would have let the doctors remove the original pea size tumor and hopefully it wouldn't have returned and I never would have had chemotherapy, radiation and a MAJOR surgery. That's speculation as I have no way of knowing that.

But I have learned more along the way, such as the clinics that Peggy Sue tells you about and the type of treatments that they offer.

It just seems to me that if I would have started by going to a clinic like that, I may have avoided all that I went through.

If anyone reading this is in a situation with a chronic disease or any type of cancer, I don't hesitate to say, Read Peggy's story and I believe she is telling you some very helpful information that YOU may benefit from. I urge you to go to the clinic where she went and get rid of your cancer.

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