How You Can Survive Cancer By Going To A Mexican Clinic 

Stage-4 Cancer Survivor-Peggy Sue Roberts

A Mexican cancer clinic saved my life in 2007.  Hi, I’m Peggy Sue Roberts, a 9-year, stage-4 cancer survivor.  I live in Southern California and I'm very blessed to be alive today. I certainly wouldn’t be here today if I took the medical advice of my conventional oncologist. He simply said oncology couldn’t do anything else for me because of my near death reaction to their poisonous chemotherapy.

He sent me home to die because he knew he couldn't make any more money off me. This happened to me in 2007. Now, after going to the Mexican cancer clinic, I’ve enjoyed 9-additional years of life that's been given to me. I feel great, and I thank the Lord for the additional time with my family. 

I’m very fortunate and blessed to be able to help cancer patients survive by referring them to a Mexican Cancer Clinic in Tijuana, BC, Mexico, many times after they’ve been sent home to die by their conventional oncologist.”   

Here's how I survived stage-4 cancer: 

I arrived at the Mexican cancer clinic in a wheel chair with just several weeks to live. I was very weak, and felt like I was going to die. But I had the will to live; and, after several weeks of natural cancer treatments: I was a new person. I felt strong, and alive. My husband, Jim, and I walked out of that clinic with huge smiles on our faces. I knew I was going to live. 

Peggy Sue's Survival Story. (Turn up your speakers.)

The happy ending to my story:

A few weeks after returning home I went to see my conventional oncologist. He was in mild shock after receiving the results of my “after” PET-scan test, compared with my first PET-scan. 

He said, "I've never seen anything like it in my life, Peggy. Your blood test is perfect, and your PET-scan didn't detect any cancer at all."  He never asked, and I never told him I’d been to Mexico.  I just had total satisfaction leaving him bewildered and confused.  Success! See Peggy Sue's PET Scan

Peggy Sue on William Shatner's TV Show (Moving America Forward)

Words Of Encouragement:

I share my survival story so that you can have a success story you can relate to. Common sense dictates: If one person can beat cancer naturally, that means it’s repeatable.  Perhaps you'll be next. 

What Are Your Possible Survival Chances: 

The top Mexican cancer clinic has an 85% success rate.

We send out thousands of newsletters each month. The feedback we’ve received, over the years, from former clinic patients are:

  • (85%) of clinic patients are alive and well 5+ years later, even if they were in stage-4 and have been sent home to die like I was in January 2007. I'd say your chances are pretty good!  (Note** You should have a conversation with the medical director to see if he feels he can help you.) 

I've learned patients can beat any type or stage cancer by using natural, alternative cancer treatments if you do 2 things: 

  1. Get to the clinic in time to be helped, (click here to Request Clinic Name).
  2. Do the program and change your lifestyle.

I read a famous quote that said:

"There is no known type or stage of cancer in which some people have not survived by using natural, alternative treatments."  

This is what it's like in Tijuana MX.

Is There A Natural Cure For Cancer?

We have been researching this subject, as a cancer survivor family, for the better part of a decade and we have found 16 natural treatments produce hundreds of cancer survivors who went to the same clinic that treated me, and we added natural, alternative treatment scientific proof to this website for your ease of reference. (Note** You should have a conversation with the medical director to see if he feels he can help you.) 

5 Natural, Alternative Cancer Treatments Used At The Clinic: 

Top Mexican cancer clinics, specialize in transforming cancer patients into cancer survivors by using natural, non-invasive, alternative treatments. Of the 16 or more therapies offered, here are 5 natural treatments the clinic used for Peggy's treatment program:

At What Temperature Cancer Is Successfully Treated: 

heat above 103+ ℉ has been reported to severely damage tumors.

"Experts have found heat (hyperthermia) above 103.5 degrees 'F' / 41.7 degrees Celsius (produced by an Infrared Heat Lamp, and other special equipment used by the Mexican Cancer Clinic that I went to) is sufficient to severely damage cancer cells. This method is known as localized and whole-body hyperthermia. (Note* See Footnotes for scientific research.)

After my cancer cells were damaged, the Medical director at the clinic used several other carefully selected therapies to further exploit different weaknesses proven to exist in cancer cells.   

What do the scientific studies say about heat? 

Leading European Journal for oncology reports: Severe damage to 100% of tumor cells for every patient studied using heat. Patient after patient was successfully treated without using toxic chemicals... CLICK HERE for Scientific Research about heat treatments. 

Survivors From The Clinic Where I Went.
(Here are just several of many cancer survivors)

Jane Berry of Kansas USA and her husband Rodger. Jane arrived at the clinic in Mexico with stage-4, non-small cell, lung cancer. After 6-weeks of treatments and she feels great and is ready to go home.  

Watch Jane's survivor story

Barbara Mathews of California (left) had kidney cancer which had spread to her bladder, lymph nodes, and her intestines. After a stay at the top Mexican cancer clinic her CT scan showed no cancer in her.   

Watch Barbara's survivor story

Jolie Hile of Michigan (left), stage-4 ovarian cancer testimony and thanks Peggy Sue Roberts (right). Jolie's cancer had spread to her intestines and she had become unable to eat or drink. Her conventional doctors recommended she go to hospice.  Instead Jolie went to the top clinic in Mexico she found from Peggy Sue's website, and lived.   

Watch Jolie's survivor story

Clinic Recommendation:  

"My family and I only recommend the top Mexican cancer clinic." This clinic is very popular and usually runs near full capacity. You must have a free medical consultation with the doctor by phone before being admitted to the clinic.

Complete the request form below and we'll help you

Complete the request form below and we'll help you with the following (at no cost/no obligation):

  • Get a same-day FREE medical consultation
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What you'll receive, by email immediately, after submitting the 'Request'  below . . . 

  • Clinic name
  • Med. Director information
  • Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Clinic website
  • Email addresses
  • Treatment costs
  • Avg. length of stay
  • Clinic success stats.
  • Funding options
  • Safety of the area
  • and more

NOTE * The accuracy of your information is extremely important to getting the information you want. Please double check everything before submitting. 

What to do next:

1.    Complete and submit the request form located just above to receive the contact information of the clinic where Peggy Sue Roberts went.  Double check all your info.  

2.   Then, look in your email in-box for my reply "From Peggy Sue".  (It will be sent to the email address you provide; therefore, kindly double check your email address for accuracy.)

3.    I'll give you a call to arrange your FREE confidential medical consultation with the doctor and answer any question to the best of my ability.  (My family and I have 9-years’ experience with Mexican clinics.  You will receive my phone number and email address by return email so you may contact me if you like.  

4.    Review the clinic’s website which will answer questions regarding treatments, patient testimonies, location, and many other questions you will have.  You will be sent an email regarding cost of the clinic’s most popular 3-week treatment program.  If you need financial help to afford the treatments, see my “Funding Treatments” webpage.

5.    Next, call me, or call the clinic to arrange a 'Free Confidential Medical Evaluation' with the Medical Director.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  ~The Bible, Hosea 4:6

From left to right: son Rusty, cancer survivor Peggy Sue, and husband Jim RobertsSon, Rusty Roberts. Peggy Sue & Jim Roberts.

God bless you. I wish you and your family the best of health and happiness.

Peggy Sue Roberts, Southern California, USA

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