Kill Skin Cancer Naturally

Kill Skin Cancer Naturally the fast way at Mexican Cancer Clinics with natural, non-painful, immune boosting, comfortable, non-invasive treatments.

Who Is More Likely To Be Diagnosed With Skin Cancer?

Skin Cancer on a man's forehead.

Those who:

  • Have lighter skin.
  • Have blue or green eyes.
  • Have blond or red hair.
  • Had skin burns from the sun early in life.
  • Have a history of indoor tanning.
  • Are older, especially older Caucasian men.
  • Were exposed to arsenic.
  • Have been exposed to excessive radiation.
  • Have a weakened immune system.
  • Have smoked.

Famous People With Skin Cancer

U.S. President Ronald Reagan (1911-2004) has skin cancer.
  • U.S. President Ronald Reagan (1911-2004) the 40th U.S. president was diagnosed with skin cancer in 1987 while still in office. (Pictured at right.)
  • U.S. Senator John McCain, Republican from Arizona was diagnosed in 1993.
  • Regis Philbin, born 1931, American actor and singer, but known best as a talk-show host, had a squamous cell skin cancer removed from his hand.
  • Troy Aikman, NFL Player – Dallas Cowboys, born in 1966, had a mole removed from his shoulder which proved to be early stage melanoma.

Traditional Treatments For Skin Cancer

Skin cancer on man's face after reconstructive surgery.
Skin cancer on man's face before removal.

Several options for treatments may include one or more of the following:

  • Freezing
  • Excisional Surgery
  • Laser Therapy
  • Mohs Surgery (also known as chemosurgery)
  • Curettage and Electrodessication used primarily on basal cell and squamous cell cancers.
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
  • Biological Therapy includes medicines such as interferon and interleukin-2 which are used to boost your immune system to fight skin cancer.

Survival Rates Using Traditional Treatments For Skin Cancer

Skin cancer on a back.
Skin cancer close-up.

The following are 5-year survival rates for various stages of skin cancers:

  • Stage 1A = 97%
  • Stage 1B = 92%
  • Stage 2A = 81%
  • Stage 2B = 70%
  • Stage 2C = 53%
  • Stage 3A = 78%
  • Stage 3B = 59%
  • Stage 3C = 40%
  • Stage 4 = 15%

Eradicate Skin Cancer Naturally

A natural treatment for Skin Cancer is a sauna tent at Mexican cancer clinics.

The following natural treatments are used daily at Mexican Cancer Clinics to Kill Skin Cancer Naturally:

  • Heat above 107 degrees Fahrenheit / 41.7 degrees Celsius
  • Oxygen
  • Chlorophyll
  • Radio frequency such as that found in Rife Technology
  • Vitamin B-17
  • Vitamin D-3

An excellent place to find all these (and more) in one place is at the clinic in Mexico where this author, Peggy Sue Roberts, went in 2007 to beat stage-4 cancer.

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatments That Work Fast at a Clinic in Mexico

Peggy Sue Roberts receives natural treatments at a Mexican cancer clinic.

My Name is Peggy Sue Roberts, the author of this website.

In 2007 I lived in Riverside, California, USA when I was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer and told I had as short as 3-months to live.

Oncology almost killed me with chemo, and then sent me home to die.

I researched the internet, talked to friends, networked, shopped, and found a wonderful Mexican Cancer Clinic which was recommended in a book by a nationally known author regarding ‘Natural Cures’ which I found at my local health food store in Riverside, CA. 

The author had researched over 300-natural clinics worldwide and recommended this one particular clinic in Tijuana, BC, Mexico. 

This clinic has an impressive 5-year success rate which you will definitely want to go to! 

After a few weeks of non-painful, natural treatments, I walked out of the clinic clear of cancer and ready to live again.  I’m sure you can too if you get there in time for them to help you.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” 
The Bible, Hosea 4:6

Peggy Sue Roberts June 2013

Thank you for visiting my website. I wish you and your family the best of health and happiness.

In God We Trust,

Peggy Sue Roberts, USA

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Peggy Sue Roberts

Hi.  My name is Peggy Sue Roberts and the author of this website. This is my personal account of what happened to me in 2007.


Maxine Mavis Wikipiri from New Zealand went to the clinic after her conventional doctor had sent her home to die. She is now back home cancer free.

Jay Jeansonne from Southern Louisiana

Do you or your loved-one have cancer?

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You must stay long enough for the natural treatments to help you (usually 3 to 6-weeks) is sufficient for most all cancers and types.  Then, you can rejoice, and go home without cancer. 

What to do now . . . 

Click here or below, and follow the link to the clinic web-site.

Peggy and Ben

Ben had been struggling with cancer for 8 years and was ready to give up when he found our website.

Mary and Henery

Video of Marie and Henery from the country of Belize