Funding Treatments at Mexican Cancer Clinics

Funding Treatments

Funding treatments at Mexican cancer clinics is made easier when you know where to go get the money.

Since the clinic takes cash, check, or credit cards, here are the best suggestions accumulated over the past 7-years:

  • Get a loan against your life insurance policy
  • Get A Personal Loan
  • Credit Cards
  • Re-Finance 
  • Use Gifting 
  • Viatical Loans 
  • Health Insurance (Reimbursement)
  • Reverse Mortgage 
  • Community Fund Raising

1. Get a loan against your life insurance policy. 

2. Get A Personal or Business Loan.  Use the proceeds to fund your natural, alternative cancer treatments. 

getting a personal loan

For both Canadians and U.S. residents:

One possible reason to get a loan would be to get money fast and use the proceeds to pay for any and all expenses you may incur while going to the Mexican cancer clinic.   Then, apply to your health insurance company for a reimbursement after you get back home. This way, you'll be prepared should there be unexpected expenses.

You or your friend/s may qualify for a new personal loan.  

Searching the internet for loans that can be used for any reason led me to this company.  

MB Management and Consultants

Paying for your treatments by credit card is the easiest way to fund your treatments.

3. Credit Cards

The Mexican cancer clinic accepts VISA and MasterCard only.  There will be a small transaction fee added. 

However, it's well worth it so you can get the treatments you need right away, then arrange for a permanent funding solution later, such as low-interest long-term loan, house re-finance, etc.  

Everyone should call your credit card company/ies and ask them to raise your limits.  Also, you or your friends apply for new cards.

4. Re-Finance

Refinance your house is a very popular method of Funding Treatments.

Refinance obviously means a mortgage on Real Estate, either yours or a friend's. 

In 2007, my husband Jim, and I used this method to pay off our credit card which we initially used to fund my natural, alternative cancer treatments. We first used our credit card, and then applied to refinance our house.

By using our credit card up front, I was able to start my treatments right away, and the loan came in before we made our second card payment. We obtained a very low interest loan which was very affordable. That made everyone happy, especially me. 

5. Gifting Money

Gifting money is an extremely easy to fund treatments.  Ask lots of your friends for money.

Since I am in the United States, my discussion will be directed more toward North Americans.  (If you're in a different country, check your local taxing and applicable laws.)

Gifting can be from as many people as you can locate who are willing to give you money.  In the U.S., current 2014 law allows up to $13,000 annually from one single person, or entity, without it being a tax issue for either party.

You can obtain as many gifts as you like, or as many as you can find; therefore, go get lots of them!

6. Viatical Settlements

In a viatical settlement, an individual with a terminal illness like cancer can sell their life insurance policy for a lump sum payment. This is ideal for people who are struggling to pay for costly operations or who need funds for alternative treatments.

A viatical settlement is a wonderful option for cancer financial assistance because it’s not a loan of any kind. Once you have the money, it’s completely yours, and you can use it for whatever you need. Few other options give you this kind of flexibility and comfort.

CLICK HERE to learn more and get a quote. 

7. Health Insurance (Reimbursement)

This is a reimbursement service only.  The clinic does not accept any insurance or government programs to pay for treatments.

Click on their link above to take you to this company's website where you will be able to clearly read their phone numbers plus navigate around their site.

U.S. cancer patients who have health insurance can possibly receive reimbursement for your natural, alternative cancer treatments at Mexican cancer clinics.

Regardless of your carrier name, you should call to see if you can get reimbursed.

For a fee, there is a company in Houston, Texas which helps file claims for reimbursement from your insurance company.

This website supplies this information as a service only. We are not connected in any way with the above named company. 

8. Reverse Mortgage

If you qualify, a reverse mortgage may be an excellent way to fund your treatments.

If you watch television, U.S. residents are more than familiar with Reverse Mortgages.  

This is a closely regulated specialty for seniors who are age-62 or older.

HUD.Gov answers frequently asked questions on the TOP 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT REVERSE MORTGAGES.

After you're knowledgeable and determine that you qualify, do a search engine search for companies to do your Reverse Mortgage on your house.

Suggestion NOTE of what others have done: This will take a couple months to complete; therefore, you most likely will want to use credit first, get your treatments, then use your reverse mortgage to retire the credit.

9. Community Fund Raising

Community Fund Raising is great to fund treatments.

If you are well established and loved by your local community, this is a very, very effective way to raise lots of money really fast for your natural, alternative treatments in Mexico.

However, if you're not well-connected in your community, this will most likely be frustrating and not very productive.

Turn up your speaker volume to follow this short and amazing survivor story. 

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4.    Review the clinic’s website which will answer questions regarding treatments, patient testimonies, location, and many other questions you will have.  You will be sent an email regarding cost of the clinic’s most popular 3-week treatment program.  If you need financial help to afford the treatments, see my “Funding Treatments” webpage.

5.    Next, call me, or call the clinic to arrange a 'Free Confidential Medical Evaluation' with the Medical Director.

Peggy Sue Roberts, June 2013

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” 
The Bible, Hosea 4:6

Thank you for stopping by my website's Funding Treatment page. Now everyone who wishes to go to the Mexican cancer clinic can obtain the funds to go.

I wish you and your family the best of health and happiness.

Peggy Sue Roberts, Southern California, USA

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