4 Great Ways To Improve Your Cancer Condition At Home 

Background on the author: 

Peggy Sue (Stage-4 cancer survivor)

Hi, my name is Peggy Sue Roberts. In 2007 I was told, by my conventional oncologist, to go home and prepare to die within 2 months.  

Instead of dieing, my husband and I located a natural, alternative cancer treatment clinic in Tijuana, BC, Mexico where my condition improved.

That was 9 years ago.  Since that time I've made it my mission to help others find hope and become survivors through information found my website. See my full story. 

I do have, and use, home therapy products & equipment. I've listed them in the 2nd half of this helpful e-book. 

Disclaimer: ** Although these treatments are being  used at top Mexican cancer clinics, the patients are overseen by medical doctors. Therefore individual results vary. We suggest you have a phone consultation with the doctor to find out if he believes he can help you.  

* See footnotes for scientific research articles cited. 

CLICK HERE for Scientific Research showing alternative treatments, listed here, do improve cancer patient's conditions. *

E-Book (Part 1): 
4-Great Ways To Improve Your Condition  ** 

Important note: We chose these 4 treatments, out of 14 natural treatments, to discuss here because you may be able to reproduce the effects at home with your own products & equipment. We discuss the home products and equipment in the 2nd half of this e-book. 

HYPERTHERMIA: The European Journal of Oncology reported in 1965: “A curative dose severely damaged all cancer cells.”  Many studies have shown a significant reduction in tumor size when hyperthermia is combined with other treatments. ** 

Hyperthermia may make some cancer cells more sensitive and enhance the effects of other anti-cancer agents. Chemotherapy and radiation are anti-cancer agents, but they are not the only agents that work. Natural Allopathic Medicine combines hyperthermia with natural treatments that are much safer and more effective than orthodox methods because of their tragic side-effects.

What does the American Cancer Society say about hyperthermia? “Hyperthermia means a body temperature that is higher than normal. High body temperatures are often caused by illnesses, such as fever or heat stroke. But hyperthermia can also refer to heat treatment—the carefully controlled use of heat for medical purposes. When cells in the body are exposed to higher-than-normal temperatures, changes take place inside the cells. These changes can make the cells more likely to be affected by radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Very high temperatures can fight cancer cells outright.”  Natural cancer doctors who have high success rates of improving their patient's conditions recommend avoiding chemotherapy and radiation; but, the American Cancer Society pushes both of them. 

Hyperthermia can be administered locally or whole body. This photo is of a patient being treated with whole-body hyperthermia.

The principle of hyperthermia is that cancer cells are much more sensitive to, and intolerant of, the effects of excessive heat than normal cells. Tumors have an impaired ability to adapt their blood circulation to the effects of high temperatures and thus hyperthermia can cause a reduction of blood flow to a tumor. Experts have reported tumor cell damage at temperatures above 103ºF, or 41.5ºC. Important note: Exposure time is also important.

CLICK HERE for Scientific Research showing heat treatments do improve cancer patient conditions. *

OXYGEN: Experts have said tumors that grow in hypoxic (low oxygen) environments are more prone to metastases and more lethal to the patient. They’re also more likely to mutate toward resistant genotypes.  They found oxygen deficiency is ALWAYS present when cancer develops. **  

Experts explain the reason behind cancer hypoxia as a lack of oxygen commonly created as a tumor outgrows its blood supply. This signals a tumor to grow and metastasize in search of new oxygen sources — for example, hypoxic bladder cancers are likely to metastasize to the lungs, which is frequently deadly.

Patient is receiving hypobaric oxygen.

Cancer's low-oxygen environment is 3 times more resistant to radiotherapy. This is good news for conventional doctor’s who make a living off radiotherapy (more treatments mean more money). Restoring oxygen levels to that of a normal cell makes the tumors 3 times more sensitive to other natural treatments. 

A new study finds that giving high-dose oxygen may help efforts to stimulate the immune system against tumors. Treating cancer cells with oxygen goes back to the 1930s, when Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg, M.D., discovered that, compared to normal cells, cancer cells have a low respiration rate.

Methods of delivering high oxygen to the body:

  • Breathed-in from a personalized oxygen generator
  • Hyperbaric oxygen chamber 
  • Injected in an IV-drip
  • Drink ozone treated water, or water with special diluted oxygen producing therapy

CLICK HERE for Scientific Research showing oxygen treatments do improve cancer patient conditions. *

IMMUNOTHERAPY: Entering the body through an IV port, immunotherapy triggers the immune system to attack tumor cells and lead to improved survival. It's important to recognize, that therapeutic cancer vaccines are different from traditional vaccines we’re used to; for example a vaccine for Chicken Pox.  ** 

The primary goal of an immunotherapy vaccine is NOT to prevent disease, but to generate an active immune response against an existing cancer.  Some vaccines contain a protein made of a tumor antigen and an immune cell activator.

This triggers the immune system to recognize and destroy that protein or related materials found on and in cancer cells. This helps the body's immune system attack cancer by training it to recognize it.

When monoclonal antibodies attach to a cancer cell, they may accomplish the following goals:

  • Allow the immune system to attack the cancer cell.
  • Prevent cancer cells from growing rapidly.
  • Carry powerful drugs directly to cancer cells.

CLICK HERE for Scientific Research showing immunotherapy treatments improve cancer patient's conditions.

IV: Customized IV therapy using: I discus each of these in more detail in the 2nd half of this e-book.   ** 

  • DMSO
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)
  • Vitamin-D
  • Vitamin-C  

Note about Vitamin-C: Most experts in places like the U.S. have dispelled high doses of vitamin-C, but they use it at the Mexican cancer clinic where I was treated; and they saved my life when my conventional oncologist sent me home to die.  ** 

DMSO has anti-inflammatory effects, and  pharmaceutical grade hydrogen peroxide is used to infuse oxygen to the body which creates an oxygen rich environment.

DMSO, which is short for Dimethyl sulfoxide. DMSO reduces inflammation by several mechanisms.

Chronic inflammatory are bodily states associated with infection and irritation may lead to environments that foster genomic lesions and tumor initiation [Yale University Of Biology And Medicine]

DMSO was the first nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory discovered since aspirin. It’s an antioxidant, a scavenger of the free radicals that gather at the site of injury.

At the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1978, 213 patients with inflammatory genitourinary disorders were studied. Researchers concluded that DMSO brought significant relief to the majority of patients.

Stephen Edelson, MD, F.A.A.F.P., F.A.A.E.M., who practices medicine at the Environmental and Preventive Health Center of Atlanta, has used DMSO extensively for 4 years. "We use it intravenously as well as locally," he says. "We use it for all sorts of inflammatory conditions, from people with rheumatoid arthritis to people with chronic low back inflammatory-type symptoms, silicon immune toxicity syndromes, any kind of autoimmune process."

Although not approved for this use by authorities in the USA, it is fully approved by the Mexican health department and has also proved its ability to improve cancer patient's conditions if used appropriately.  (At the Mexican Cancer Clinic, DMSO is administered through an IV drip.)

E-Book (Part 2): 
What You Can Do At Home
The treatments highlighted here were specifically chosen because they mimic the treatments available at successful Mexican cancer clinics. 

Note: If you are in stage-3 or stage-4 you'll most likely need professional help from a natural doctor at a Mexican cancer clinic; but if you can't travel, or the cost is prohibitive, these home treatments have shown to improve quality of life and extend life expectancy.  ** 

Hyperthermia At Home

There are multiple products on the market that you can use to treat yourself at home by using hyperthermia. The unit shown below is for whole body. I use this for 30 minutes a day first thing in the morning before I shower.

I have personally had a tumor in my neck shrink because of heat. I used the special heat lamp (floor model) for the tumor in my neck and I used the whole body unit for the tumors I couldn't feel. ** 

I've been using this particular unit for about 8 years. I've found it to be efficient at putting your body in a state of whole hyperthermia.  It will not work for the brain. If you have brain cancer you need immediate professional help. 

This particular heat lamp has shown to be great for skin cancer and tumors that are close to the skin. I used this unit when I felt a lump under the skin, in my neck, and I've heard great things from others who use it. 

Oxygen Therapy At Home

Natural, Alternative, Cancer Treatments Work

Hyperbaric chambers can be very expensive to use. Therefore we found a company which potentially has the best system on the planet for enriching your daily oxygen. We use their system for ourselves and we've felt the positive results. They also make it easy to acquire their system. We trust you'll be blessed by them as we have. ** 

CLICK HERE to learn more about their O2 system, and how you can get one for yourself. 

My sister-in-law was on the list for a heart transplant. I started sending her this hydrogen peroxide. While she was waiting for a transplant her heart function increased to over 80%. She's off the list and all she used was hydrogen peroxide. She uses it every day as directed. 

Hydrogen Peroxide has been widely circulated, by experts, as a great tool to improve cancer patient's conditions. You should book mark the Amazon page because you may want to take this every month.  **

Immunotherapy At Home

Beta Glucan: This therapy is designed to naturally stimulate your own immune system against tumor antigens. Experts have said the primary goal of any immunotherapy is NOT to prevent disease, but to generate an active immune response against an existing cancer. ** 

Boost Your Immune System Over 400% 

My brother-in-law has lung cancer. He can’t afford to be treated naturally at a Mexican cancer clinic, so I started sending him Beta Glucan 3 months ago. He takes it every day as directed...

RESULTS: His doctor was shocked when he saw his blood work is GETTING BETTER. It’s not a substitute for getting natural cancer treatments by a professional, but his quality of life has improved and his life expectancy is getting longer. It’s working! ** 

It triggers the immune system to recognize the protein or related materials found on and in cancer cells. This helps the body's immune system attack cancer. 

  • Boost your immune system over 400%
  • This therapy is designed to naturally stimulate your own immune system against tumor antigens.
  • Triggers the immune system to recognize and attack proteins or related materials found on and in cancer cells.

I specifically use this Beta Glucan every day. It's price is a good value, and they offer free shipping. Book mark this Amazon page because you'll need this every month. 

DANDELION TEA: Researchers discovered that repeated treatment with low dose dandelion root extract was effective in improving cancer patient's conditions.  ** 

Warning for those actively taking chemotherapy: Dandelion extract tea could interfere with regular chemotherapy.

This powder made from dandelion root has something in it that builds up the blood and the immune system. When the immune system is built up so far, it gets back control of cancer cells. 

I find this dandelion tea is great from Amazon. It's ready to use and I've found it to be helpful. Remember to book mark the webpage from Amazon. 

IV Therapy At Home 

Of course you won't be on an actual IV drip like those patients at a Mexican cancer clinic. Here, I share with you several home treatments that are designed to replicate clinic treatments as best as possible. Experts say they help, and we've seen success when using them. I trust you may see similar positive results.  Use as directed.  ** 

DMSO reduces inflammation by several mechanisms. It is an antioxidant, a scavenger of the free radicals that gather at the site of injury. DMSO is used at the Mexican cancer clinic I was treated at. Remember to bookmark the Amazon webpage. 

BAKING SODA: On January 3rd of 2013 medical scientists published vindication for Dr. Tullio Simonini, who favors oral and transdermal use of baking soda instead of using it intravenously.  **  

It' a lot less expensive and safer to use sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) orally and transdermally in baths, but it's also been proven to be effective. The pH of solid tumors is acidic due to increased fermentative metabolism and poor blood delivery.

The results of a study suggest that tumor cells do, indeed, perform niche engineering by creating an acidic environment that is non-toxic to the malignant cells, and promotes invasion.

The great advantage to using bicarbonate orally (reinforced by strong magnesium and bicarbonate baths) is that one can dose during all the waking hours and receive a full course of treatment in about ten days. Anyone can drive up their pH and saturate all their cells to a much higher extent through these methods.

I order my baking soda from Amazon because they deliver stuff right to my house. I spend much less time in the grocery store than I used to. I save my energy for doing things I enjoy. If you're like me you'll want to book mark this Amazon page so it's easy to find when you reorder baking soda. 

I take Vitamin-C. It's widely excepted by the experts as a strong anti-oxidant. Experts say we need this to improve our conditions, so I take it every day. Book mark this Amazon page for easy future reference. I buy this bottle because it's a 1000mg and I trust the source. 

VITAMIN-D: Dr. Mercola states: “Doctors have known that low levels of vitamin D are linked to certain kinds of cancers as well as to diabetes and asthma, but new research also shows that the vitamin can improve cancer patient's conditions.”

Researchers took human breast cancer cells and treated them with a potent form of vitamin D. Within a few days, half the cancer cells shriveled up and died.

Dr. Mercola states: “Vitamin D, a steroid hormone that influences virtually every cell in your body, is easily one of nature’s most potent cancer fighters. Receptors that respond to vitamin D have been found in nearly every type of human cell, from your bones to your brain.

Your organs can convert the vitamin D in your bloodstream into calcitriol, which is the hormonal or activated version of vitamin D. Your organs then use it to repair damage, including that from cancer cells.”  ** 

This is my trusted source of Vitamin-D. It's the highest dosage available, and they're easy to swallow. I trust the source they come from and Amazon sends it right to my house. Book mark they're webpage for easy re-orders. 


I wrote this short e-book to help those people who cannot afford, or travel to be treated at a Mexican Cancer Clinic. I've found the best results are seen by those who are professionally treated, but sometimes it isn't afforded to us. ** 

There are many more natural treatments that have been found to improve cancer patient's conditions. I will periodically send you an email to introduce them to you. 

o you feel like you need professional help?
Don't hesitate to ask for help. 

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5.    Next, call me, or call the clinic to arrange a 'Free Confidential Medical Evaluation' with the Medical Director.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  ~The Bible, Hosea 4:6

From left to right: son Rusty, Peggy Sue (stage-4 cancer survivor, and husband Jim Roberts

God bless you for visiting my website. I wish you and your family the best of health and happiness.

Peggy Sue Roberts, Southern California, USA

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