How To Possibly Help A Child With Cancer By Using Natural Treatments

Natural alternative cancer treatment for children that works and won't get you arrested.

We're a cancer survivor family by using natural cancer treatments. We share with you what we have found that works for you to help a child overcome cancer by using natural treatments. 

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What Major Problems Parents Face & How To Overcome Them

  • Laws in the USA...
  • Why natural cancer clinics are hesitant to treat children under age 17...
  • How to overcome challenges and give your child the best chance to become a survivor...
  • After overcoming cancer, what about cancer recurrence...
  • Treatment Pricing...

Laws in the USA: 

Our experience has shown us, when a child is diagnosed with cancer it is the law for the doctor to report it to the US government. Therefore if we as parents choose to remove our child from being treated by a pediatric oncologist (chemo/radiation) the government becomes aware of the situation and law reinforcement usually gets involved for child neglect and/or child endangerment. 

Getting into Mexico for natural cancer treatments is usually pretty easy. Going through the San Diego USA/Mexico border is simple for most people. But when we try to get back into the USA we have to show passports of everyone in the car (children included). As soon as the border patrol agents puts the child's name into the computer he/she will see you took them out of the country which puts the parent in a position of child neglect/endangerment. You may lose your freedom. 

Real story of a parent giving their child holistic treatments.

Why natural clinics are hesitant to treat children under age 17

If something goes wrong with the child's treatment plan the doctor is usually investigated and stands to lose their license and practice. Although its frustrating, we can't blame them for trying to avoid the government punnishing them. 

How to overcome the challenges and give your child the best chance to become a survivor

As parents we are responsible to the government for our children's care. The US government demands we treat our children with chemo, radiation, or surgery. Our hands are tied as parents when it comes to the law. BUT

In our experience over the past 9 years we have spoken to many parents desperate to save their child. In our travels, and research we have found an way to overcome most of the challenges for parents by simply adding a natural, alternative home treatment program to their child's conventional (chemo/radiation) treatment program.

NOTE: If your child is in the hospital most doctors usually don't have a problem with parents using this natural home treatment on their child because it doesn't interfere with their conventional treatments.

This program works very well in conjunction with chemotherapy. Furthermore it combats most of the negative side effects of chemotherapy while successfully treating cancer. 

This natural home treatment program does 4 things for your child:

  1. Reduces the time they have to take chemo/radiation.
  2. Reduces the negative side effects of chemo/radiation.
  3. It has a 98.5% success rate for most cancers in all stages. It has even been found to work if a person has less than a week to live. That's right! If your child has breath there is hope for their survival! 
  4. This treatment program also has been found to successfully treat cancer master stem cells. This greatly reduces the chance of cancer recurrence. 

An introduction to Biophotonic Therapy: 

The clinic which, stage-4, cancer survivor Peggy Sue Roberts went to in Mexico has a very special treatment they use and send home to their patients when their treatments are done at the clinic. 

This alternative cancer treatment has been found to really work!

Biophotonic Therapy has been around for about 14 years, but it's revolutionary compared to conventional treatments (chemo, and radiation). It was created by US master chemist and master botanist Michael Thomas. Michael is also a stage-4 "end-of-life" cancer survivor by using his own invention. He is now an 11-year cancer survivor and has helped countless others become cancer survivors regardless of their diagnosis. 

What it does:

A vial (pictured above) goes in front of the flash light (in the photo). The flash light uses LED violet light to vibrate highly specialized plant extract oil held inside the vial. You shine the light under your tongue, around the ears, where ever a tumor is located. The light contains the plant vibrational energy and the body responds as if the plant extract is in the body. You also shine the light with an associated vial into water and you simple drink the water. 

Everyone we have shared this technology with has felt it's positive effects. Their cancers get smaller, their strength comes back, and they become survivors. It's also highly successful at treating cancer and cancer master cells.  

SPECIAL NOTE: This is not a guarantee of biophotonic therapy working, but so far EVERYONE has felt its positive effects.  

Biophotonic Therapy Pricing

Biophotonic therapy home units start at a price of $10,000. BUT... we have secured a much better deal for you. A way better deal! 

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  ~The Bible, Hosea 4:6

Peggy Sue(stag-4 survivor), Rusty and Jim Roberts

God bless you for visiting my website. I wish you and your family the best of health and happiness.

Peggy Sue Roberts, Southern California, USA

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