Peggy Sue Survived Cancer

Peggy Sue survived cancer because she used alternative cancer treatments she received at a Mexican cancer clinic. She shares her story to give you hope of survival.

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** Although the clinic is great at helping cancer patients, individual results may vary. We suggest you have a phone consultation with the doctor to find out if he believes he can help you.  

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Peggy Sue Roberts in 2009.Peggy Sue Roberts, 9-year, stage-4 cancer survivor.

IFebruary 2007: ** 

  • I was diagnosed in stage-4 cancer with 22-tumors in my upper body. 
  • Had a deathly allergic reaction to chemotherapy, which almost killed me.
  • Was sent me home to die by my oncologist.
  • My husband and I researched natural alternative treatments from over 300-clinics worldwide and selected one clinic in Tijuana, BC, Mexico.
  • I had natural treatments at a Mexican clinic, and survived. 

When diagnosed, I was age-58 in January 2007, and lived in Riverside, California, USA.  Oncology said I had as short as 3-months to live and placed me in Stage-4.  Testing revealed 22-tumors in my upper body, some were golf ball size. 

Purpose For Writing My Story:

Almost all my close friends, family, and church members expected me to die of the disease, or die of treatments.  None knew of any success stories until mine. 

I’m writing my survival story so that you can have a success story you can relate to. Common sense dictates: If one person can improve their dyer condition, that means its repeatable. Perhaps you'll be next.  **

I've learned patients can most likely improve any type or stage cancer by using natural, alternative treatments if you do 2 things:

  1. Get to the clinic in time to be helped, (click here to request a phone consultation with the doctor at the Mexican cancer clinic)
  2. Do the program and change your lifestyle after returning home.

I read a famous quote that said,

"There is no known type or stage of cancer in which some people have not survived by using natural, alternative treatments."  **

TirednessMy number one symptom was fatigue.

My Symptoms Were Mostly:

Tiredness, which was why it took so long to diagnose!  I also had short and long-term memory loss, rapid weight loss, migraines, night sweats, and exhaustion.  After 6-months of random symptoms, suddenly I had a large swelling that just popped up overnight at the base of my neck.  Then doctors had something visible they could test.

Testing and Diagnosis:

To my recall, my tests consisted of an ultrasound, blood test, CAT-scan, biopsy, and a PET-scan. There could have been more, I just don’t recall.  Tests revealed 22-tumors in my upper body from my neck to my groan. Tumors ranged in size from a golf ball to a woman’s thumbnail, with most being about the size of a U.S. quarter dollar coin.

Traditional Treatments:

ChemotherapyOncology prescribed poisonous chemotherapy.

Oncology told me that my treatment would be chemotherapy. He chose 4 chemicals of the dozens of chemicals known as chemotherapy.  He didn’t test me (by a chemosensitivity test) to determine which one or ones may harm me or which ones may actually help me.  

I was required to sign a waiver releasing the oncology department of all liability, so he was free to make any chemical choice he wanted.

Not knowing any better at the time, plus being shaken to the core with the possibility of living only a few more months, I agreed with oncology and scheduled my first of 6-rounds of double-bag chemotherapy treatments (2-liters at a time, which is a HUGE amount).  

During my second infusion I had a deadly reaction to the chemotherapy and almost died in the chair.  After barely surviving the experience, I stopped all future infusions because I knew if I had any more, they’d kill me.  Oncology agreed, and we stopped chemotherapy treatments.

I Didn't Receive A Chemo-sensitivity Test:

Chemosensitivity TestingMy oncologist didn't perform a chemosensitivity test.

How I wish I had known to ask for a simple chemo-sensitivity test which would have told my oncologist which one or ones of the dozens of chemicals I would have an allergic reaction to, and which chemicals my body may tolerate better.

With the thousands of chemical combinations available to oncologists, most select from standard protocols developed in clinical trials, which means they stick with the average; and get average results.

Chemotherapy Results:

No Hair after chemoI lost my hair after one round of chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy almost killed me.  After the first chemotherapy treatment, I lost my hair.  A week later, the second treatment left me with blisters in the roof of my mouth which ran down my throat.  Red streaks and whelps run all over my body.  There were blisters on my scalp, and I could barely breathe because of blistering in my throat.

I Was Sent Home To Die:

Holding Hands Of Old PersonSince I was allergic to chemotherapy, my oncologist sent me home to die.

Oncology said they couldn't do anything else for me because of my deathly reaction to their poisonous chemical drugs; so, they sent me home to die.  My skin was ghostly white, wrinkled, and my breath smelled like a chemical factory. 

My body was in tremendous pain, and I looked forward to the medication helping me sleep my last days away.  My spirit was beaten and I was ready for the end.

My Husband Researched For Alternative Treatments:

Jim helped me search the computer for natural, alternative cancer treatment clinics.My husband, Jim, and his secretary searched for help.

Because I was so very weak, and spent most of my days in bed, my husband, Jim Roberts and his secretary, assisted in doing large amounts of research in books, the internet, and asking friends for natural, alternative treatment recommendations.

While Jim was searching, he had me taking a variety of home remedies he had discovered from the internet and various other sources.  Some seemed to help, while others: not so much.  Because of our lack of knowledge, we didn't know what was helping, and what was killing me.

Clark's Nutrition StoreMy local health food store.

Hours turned into days of searching for affordable alternative treatments before Jim discovered a clinic recommendation in a book he found at our local health food store.

An American investigative reporter did exhaustive research, giving a clinic recommendation which we followed.  The author personally visited or spoke with over 300-natural, alternative clinics world-wide and recommended one particular clinic in Mexico because they practice a variety of proven natural, alternative cancer treatments. 

The clinic's treatment fees were reasonable and reachable for working class people like Jim and I.

Today, Jim said he would have just gone to Ty Bollinger's video series or his book for a recommendation, which would have been so much easier, and given him the same clinic.  (Click here to request clinic contact information and receive a FREE phone consultation with the Mexican clinic Medical Director)

I Found The Natural, Alternative Cancer Treatment Clinic!I found the best of the best clinic!

After Jim called the clinic, he discovered they are in nearby Tijuana, BC, Mexico, which is only a 2-hour’s drive away from us, and just across the border from San Diego, California, USA! 

Patient's Testimonials:  **

Patient Testimonies

The patients' testimonies told how their disease improved.  The patients used about 12 to 14 different therapies depending on their type and stage of cancer.  Some were administered by IV drip while the remainder was administered by equipment. 

None of the treatments were painful; in fact, most were relaxing and soothing.  Patients rotated around the clinic receiving various treatments, spending from 30-minutes to an hour at each station.

As I listened to testimonies on the internet, I recall getting my hopes up for the first time in a very, very long time.  ** 

It Was My Decision Time!

Time To DecideIt was time for us to make a decision.

Jim and I called and made an appointment to have a “Free Confidential Medical Evaluation” with the doctor; you can too, click here to speak with the Mexican cancer clinic Medical Director.

When I arrived, staff gave me a tour of the facility as Jim pushed me around in a wheel chair because I was very weak.  I spoke with patients who were from all around the world, Jim asked them three questions:

  • Do you think you made a wise decision coming to this clinic?
  • Have they helped you since you've been here?
  • Would you bring your mom to this clinic?

Everyone answered "YES" to all three of his questions.

Next I saw the Medical Director.  The doctor looked over my records and test results I brought with me.  At the completion, he told me that he thought they could help if I would stay for treatments.  I believed they could help me too.

It was now decision time for me and Jim.  We weighed all options very carefully and made a huge decision...for me be treated by this clinic.  (Click here to Request Clinic Contact Info and receive a FREE confidential medical evaluation by the Mexican cancer clinic Medical Director.)

In March 2007 and felt like a new woman when I left the clinic in Mexico.  Jim and I returned home where oncology scheduled another PET-scan because he couldn't detect any more cancer (because I had to wait for my insurance approval, the PET-scan was completed in April 2007 and showed no cancer remaining).  ** 

I learned later I could have had a non-invasive scan in Mexico for less money out of pocket, and I could have gotten the results in just a few hours.

Cancer Survivor

No Cancer Could Be Detected:

At my oncologist follow-up, he was in mild shock after receiving my results of my “after” PET-scan test, compared with my first PET-scan. 

He told me he never saw anything like it in his life: he said my blood test showed perfect and the PET-scan detected absolutely no cancer at all.  (He never asked, and I never told him I’d been to Mexico.  I just had total satisfaction leaving him bewildered and confused.)  ** 

I was a different person than the stinking, dying patient lying in bed just a few weeks earlier.  I shocked all my family and friends as I returned to life, activities, and church.  I looked and felt great, and enjoyed shopping for new clothes that fit because I had lost 3-dress sizes to a size 8. **

Lifestyle Changes:

To stay well, after improving, it is highly suggested we change our lifestyle, foods, and water.  If we change nothing, the disease could possibly return because everything will still be there that allowed it to develop and grow in the first place.

You are the next cancer survivor!

I have changed my foods to an alkaline diet for my blood type-O, and avoid acidic foods/drinks.  I drink alkaline water and take food supplements.  About 80% of my meal is raw organic foods, with the remaining 20% cooked or meat. **

Clinic Recommendation: 

Natural, Alternative, Cancer Treatments Work

"My family and I only recommend the top Mexican cancer clinic." This clinic is very popular and usually runs near full capacity. You must have a free medical consultation with the doctor by phone before being admitted to the clinic.

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  • Funding options
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  • and more

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4.    Review the clinic’s website which will answer questions regarding treatments, patient testimonies, location, and many other questions you will have.  You will be sent an email regarding cost of the clinic’s most popular treatment program.  If you need financial help to afford the treatments, see my “Funding Treatments” webpage.

5.    Next, call me, or call the clinic to arrange a 'Free Confidential Medical Evaluation' with the Medical Director.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  ~The Bible, Hosea 4:6

Peggy Sue Roberts June 2013Peggy Sue Roberts

God bless you for visiting my website. I wish you and your family the best of health and happiness.

Peggy Sue Roberts, Southern California, USA

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