Alternative Cancer Treatments

Traditional vs Natural Treatments for Cancer

Peggy Sue Roberts June 2013

Alternative cancer treatments are: "other than conventional treatments" by Western medicine for cancer.

Also known as "natural treatments", they are standard practice and FULLY APPROVED and LICENSED in other countries such as Mexico.

However, they are not approved by the FDA and other governing bodies in the U.S.

Therefore, cancer patients routinely travel to Dr. Bautista's Mexican Cancer Clinic for these treatments, which is the Number One clinic world-wide.

"Natural Treatments" tend to treat the whole body and are not painful (Non-Invasive).  They consist of:

Oxygen, heat above 107 degrees Fahrenheit, Sono Dynamic Therapy, Rife Technology, IV treatments including, Vitamin B-17, DMSO, and Hydrogen Peroxide.  

Learn more on my "What Kills Cancer Cells" page, and get the same equipment I used at the clinic in Mexico on my "Products & Equipment" page. 

Additionally, it has been proven that all cancer patient's immune system is under attack and not functioning properly.  You should supplement with "Transfer Factor" which is a natural product that boosts your immune system. 

Traditional Medicine's treatments are usually chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.  

Traditional medicine tends to treat symptoms, such as a malignant tumor.  This is what chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery are doing: treating symptoms. These three are also known to be very painful, very invasive to the body, very poisonous, and quite often: fatal.

For these reasons, most clinics that kill cancer cells naturally are located outside the U.S., like in Mexico, because most patients come from North America with our terrible eating and drinking habits of acidic foods and drinks like sodas.

Additionally, regulatory agencies like the FDA have driven most doctors who practice natural treatments out of the U.S. and out-law'ed most natural treatments, while they have favored major pharma with their billions of dollars of persuasive purchasing power.

What Doctors Won't and Can't Tell You:

Alternative Cancer Treatments are wonderful painless substitutes your oncologist won’t, and can’t tell you about because they could probably lose their license, and/or be subject to jail-time.


(1) take your ALTERNATIVE / NATURAL TREATMENTS at home.  See my "Products and Equipment" page for a list.


(2) at a specialty clinic, like in Mexico (highly recommended). Conventional doctors in the U.S. aren't allowed to approve of either, so you may want to think twice before letting him/her know your plans. They are trained to discourage you taking your health care into your own hands.

Peggy Sue Roberts without hair in 2007

Of the choices available, I definitely recommend you go to the Mexican Cancer Clinic that I went to.

My name is Peggy Sue Roberts, the author of this website. I'm a cancer survivor since 2007

To receive the name of the clinic where I went to get rid of my cancer, complete the Clinic Name Request Form. The contact information will be emailed to you immediately at the email address you provide. Additionally, you can receive a "Free Confidential Medical Evaluation" by the medical staff.

In early 2007, I was diagnosed as having stage-4 Type-B Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma with 22-tumors in my upper body. Oncology gave me as short as 3-months to live. Next, they started me on deadly chemo; the second round almost killed me, and I was sent home to die.

That's when I chose to go to the clinic in Mexico to save my life. I received only a few weeks of natural, non-invasive, alternative treatments at the clinic and walked out cancer-free, which shocked my oncologist, my family, friends, and church members.

Clinic Treatments and/or Therapies

The remainder of the information on this page pertains to the treatments I received at the clinic in Mexico in early 2007, and also in February 2012 when I returned for three-weeks of treatments. It contains my experiences and my daily routines.

I also encourage you to read the comments of former patients of the clinic at the bottom of this page

It appeared to me that each patient is evaluated at admission, and their treatments and/or protocols are tailor-made specifically for them and their cancer type, stage, location, and aggressiveness. At the clinic website, they have the majority of the treatments they offer, listed on their "Therapies" page.

Also, the clinic has recently relocated to a newer, more modern facility, with improved amenities from the clinic where I received my treatments five years earlier. Therefore, naturally some things have changed. I think for the better. The pictures shown are of the clinic in February 2012.

Hotel Lucerna, Tijuana, BC Mexico

Accommodations For The Alternative Cancer Treatment Clinic in Mexico:

The Lucerna Hotel of Tijuana is my favorite local hotel when visiting the Mexican cancer clinic.

Cancer Patients also may choose to stay at a very nice hotel next door to the clinic, stay at the home of local citizens who have been well screened by the clinic, or stay on U.S. side and the clinic offers shuttle service daily to and from. It's only a 5-minute ride from the border to the clinic.

I chose to stay at the Lucerna hotel because it was only 2-blocks away from the clinic, and I could walk or use the hotel shuttle. A continental breakfast was provided and the makings for a sandwich lunch was available to those who wanted it.

Those who stayed in homes said they purely enjoyed everything about it. But I also noticed that those who tended to stay at local homes spoke a lot more Spanish than I do. They also saved some money by doing this.

Daily Treatment Schedule And Routine At Alternative Clinic:

The doctor explained my routine so I would feel comfortable and would know what to do in sequence the next day.

Thomas, a nurse, had given us a tour of the clinic during my orientation, so I knew where the different treatment stations were.

Nurse adjusts IV flow for alternative cancer treatments.

What Is An IV Port?

Also on my first day, I was scheduled to have a Intravenous (IV) Port inserted in my upper chest for daily IV drips because my veins in my arms were not large enough to sustain an IV in the arm.

This device is inserted by making a small incision, and then it is used for daily IV drips directly into a central vein.

The doctor who inserted my port was patient with me and my small veins.

The Treatment Day

Treatment on the first day went very well. After breakfast, my day began around 9am as I went from station to station with other patients at the clinic. It was a newer building which was clean, had a relaxed atmosphere; it was safe, and close to shopping malls, laundry, and grocery stores. Plus it is only 5-minutes from the U.S. border.

Rife Technology is an alternative cancer treatment at Mexican cancer clinics.

The other patients were nice and friendly.

Some read books as they received treatments, while others just relaxed, or chatted.

Mostly we spoke of things we had in common, like family and grandchildren. The nurses kept constant records of who had which treatments and where I was to go next.

As I chatted with other patients, I learned they came from all over the United States and Canada for their Alternative Cancer Treatments. We even had one Caucasian, English speaking lady there who currently lived in Thailand. She was there with her sister from Canada. She later related to me she resided in Thailand because she could live there very affordably on her retirement income.

New-found Energy:

Starting the next day after receiving my IV nutrition, for the first time in over two months, I didn’t need to lie down to rest during the day, just to make it through the day.

Peggy Sue Roberts does alternative cancer treatments.

I mentioned this to my husband, Jim, and he said, “Not only that, but you smiled as you spoke with other patients.” Wow, no rest during the day, and I was smiling again...


What the clinic was doing was working; I was feeling better and had energy.

I was favorably impressed!

By the end of the second day of Alternative Cancer Treatments, I was walking around the clinic without being exhausted.

I admit I was still winded, but what an accomplishment.

Walking around the clinic became much easier as my first week progressed.

I was amazed by how much of my energy and color had returned.

Also, I wasn't as pale as I had been.

Laser Light Therapy:

To aid the healing of my head from the blisters and infection left over from chemotherapy before going to Mexico, the clinic used a hand held laser light for about ten to fifteen minutes daily. It started working immediately, and sometime into my second week, my head was practically healed.

What a wonderful supplement to my Alternative Cancer Treatment!


There was no pain or discomfort with the laser light treatment, just the opposite; it was quite pleasant, and it worked. I couldn’t help but wonder why my medical facility at home didn’t suggest something like the laser.

My daily treatments of Alternative Cancer Treatment were easy and went by quickly as I progressed from station to station.

Below, I have listed Alternative Cancer Treatments that      Kill Cancer Naturally:

Patients doing alternative cancer treatments by IV.

1. Multivitamin IV Therapy

After breakfast I received my IV hook-up for the day. This started my Alternative Cancer Treatments for the day. It hung on a stand and rolled. I just rolled it along with me from station to station.

I had Stage-4, Type-B Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, therefore my drip contained what was formulated for me. Patents received a drip that was formulated for each of us, depending on the type cancer. I was informed my IV drip contained: Intense Nutraceutical Therapy, Herbs, Amino Acids, Minerals,Vitamin B-17, Chlorophyll, DMSO and Hydrogen Peroxide therapies.

I can tell you: it helped me recover my energy almost immediately. I also think it helped re-build my immune system, as well as flush out the chemo that Oncology had given me before I went to Mexico.

2. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

I spent about 45 minutes in a pressurized oxygen chamber. The clinic referred to it as Hyperbaric Oxygen. Most of the time, I was in a chamber that held about 4-people at a time.

The clinic also had an individual version of the Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber, but I got claustrophobic when I used it. I also wore an oxygen mask in the chamber so as to maximize the oxygen absorption into my bloodstream. You've learned from my "What Kills Cancer Cells" page that oxygen kills cancer, right?

Mag Heat Ray lamp is used as an alternative cancer treatments.

3. Mag Heat Ray Therapy

I spent about half an hour with a Mag Heat Ray lamp on the large concentrations of cancer throughout my body. This was a concentrated heat lamp on a stand like you can find at most any chiropractor’s office.

The nurse moved it around regularly so as to hit all the major cancer spots and also to make sure it wasn't burning my skin. Also from my What Kills Cancer Cells page you may recall that heat above 107 degrees Fahrenheit or 41.7 Celsius kills cancer.

4. Water Massage Therapy

I also spent an hour on a heated water bed (Water Massage) with a roller going up and down my spine. There is only one word to describe it: soothing. Well, maybe wonderful may go along with soothing.

5. Hyperthermia

Next, I spent an hour on a heated bed with vibration called Hyperthermia. This was so great! Most of the time I drifted off to sleep.

Peggy Sue Roberts on a Body Vibe with is an alternative cancer treatment.

6. Body Vibe

I also spent 30-minutes daily on a body-vibe. This is a small, individual vibrating platform I stood on. This was especially good to help drain my lymph system. About 30-minutes was equivalent to about a 4-mile walk in spent calories.

7. Chlorophyll Treatments, An Alternative Treatment That Works!

Additionally, I received special, treated Chlorophyll daily.

I was given an eye-dropper-full of Chlorophyll given under my tongue; I held it there for about 5-minutes, and then swallowed. It was explained to me that the chlorophyll was sensitive to light, so it was kept in a special bottle which was protected from light.

It was also explained to me that the chlorophyll formed a hard shell around the cancer in my body. To breakup the hard shell, I was treated with an ultrasound machine, which is the next treatment.

8. Ultrasound Treatments

I received ultra-sound treatments where my tumor concentrations were. (My cancer type was Lymphoma.)

The ultra-sound broke the cancer down to the molecular level; then, I just simply excreted it through my body’s elimination system through the urine and bowel.

Peggy Sue Roberts in a sauna tent which is an alternative cancer treatment.

When you go to the web site of the clinic, this procedure employing chlorophyll and ultrasound is called:Sonodynamic Therapy.

My final two words about sonodynamic therapy is: IT WORKS!

9. Ozone Therapy

One of the stations was a personal heated sauna with ozone pumped in. I spent about 30-minutes in it at a time. This was called Far Infrared Sauna and reached temperatures of approximately 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here, ozone was absorbed directly into the skin. The body then converts the ozone into oxygen. I learned oxygen kills cancer, and this is an excellent way for the body to get oxygen.

10. Rife Technology, One Of The Best

Alternative Treatments

Rife Technology is an alternative cancer treatment.

In the early 1900’s, Royal Raymond Rife invented technology that uses radio waves that target the frequency of cancer. (see Rife machine at right)

His hand-held device cured every terminal patient in a study supervised by the University of Southern California.

Rife Technology worked so well, healed so many cancer patients in documented cases, that he became a threat to the established medical community (the AMA).

It is documented that when Mr. Rife would not sell his invention to the AMA: his invention and equipment were mysteriously burglarized and his life’s work was gone and/or destroyed by fire. Afterward, it is said that Mr. Rife was so depressed that he drank himself to death. His technology has been banned from use in the U.S.

However, Rife Technology is used with great success at the clinic in Tijuana, Mexico and at other locations around the world. Rife Technology kills cancer cells. I used it at the clinic, and believe in it!

This rounded out my list of Alternative Cancer Treatments that Kill Cancer Naturally.

I urge you to go to Dr. Bautista's Mexican Cancer Clinic; the number one destination world-wide, and become a cancer survivor like me and the other patients who have had these wonderful treatments, and give their testimonies on the clinic website.

On my Home page, I stated my purpose for writing my story is to give others like yourself HOPE and a Cancer Survivor story using natural therapies like those used at this clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.

After returning home from the clinic in Mexico, I encourage you to purchase and use products and equipment at home to continue to keep cancer away.  See my "Products and Equipment" page.

Funding Ideas To Afford Alternative Cancer Treatments

Most everyone can afford to go to the clinic if you have the motivation.First, you must determine you want to go. Secondly, ask God to reveal financing ways if you can't write a check for the amount needed. Third, trust God that He will provide.

My Funding Treatments page will provide you with several ideas you may not have thought of.

My Medical Staff At Alternative Cancer Treatment Clinics:

Nurse at the alternative cancer treatment clinic.

I saw one of the staff doctors daily during my Alternative Cancer Treatments. My blood pressure and other vital signs were recorded by wonderful nurses Rose and Anna Marie.

That’s it. That’s amazing, isn’t it? Something, or all, of my Alternative Cancer Treatment was working. At the end of my first week, (again, this was at the end of my first week) I was given another physical exam.

The doctor spent a lot of time and really dug in deep as he examined all the areas where I had high concentrations of lymphoma cancer and twenty-two tumors just a week before. At the completion of his exam, he said he could hardly feel any swelling in my lymph nodes. Praise God, my swelling was WAY DOWN.

After that exam, I had my weekly appointment with my clinic doctor. He looked over all my records just as thoroughly as he had originally, and asked me a lot of questions about my energy levels, night sweats, and how I felt overall. Then he gave me some outstanding news . . . he couldn't detect any cancer remaining!

Ben was a cancer survivor at the alternative cancer treatment clinic in Mexico in early 2012.

Ben (pictured at right), a recent site visitor commented that he counted it similar to Divine Inspiration that he found this site in his search for natural treatments.

Ben went to the clinic and was healed of Stage-4 Thyroid Cancer in early 2012.

We trust this site has been a blessing to you as well, because it has been a labor of love for me to write of my experiences.

I will count it all worthwhile if you go to the clinic and get rid of your cancer.

You can be the next cancer survivor; don’t procrastinate; complete the form below; and, go to the clinic. They have a reported 85%, 5-year cancer survivor success rate for: cancer in remission, or gone! Both of these are "more than acceptable" if you're the one with terminal cancer, don’t you agree?

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

The Bible, Hosea 4:6

Peggy Sue Roberts

Thank you for visiting my website. I wish you and your family the best of health and happiness.

Helping Cancer Patients Become Cancer Survivors - Like Me.

Peggy Sue Roberts, USA

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Peggy Sue Roberts

Hi.  My name is Peggy Sue Roberts and the author of this website. This is my personal account of what happened to me in 2007.


Maxine Mavis Wikipiri from New Zealand went to the clinic after her conventional doctor had sent her home to die. She is now back home cancer free.

Jay Jeansonne from Southern Louisiana

Do you or your loved-one have cancer?

Are you searching for natural, alternative treatments that are non-invasive?

Would you like for these natural, alternative treatments to be as short as 3 to 6-weeks so you can return home cancer-free?

Does an 85%, 5-year success rate for most all cancer types and stages interest you?

Are you physically able and are you willing to travel to Tijuana, BC, Mexico for your best chance of beating cancer?   (Tijuana is just across the border from San Diego, California, USA)

Is the Number-1-rated Mexican cancer clinic something you’re searching for?  And is the best treatment pricing something you’d be interested in?

Would you like for the head doctor of this clinic to have studied from a doctor who pioneered natural, alternative treatments and had over 50-years’ experience? 

Can you pay out of pocket by check, credit card, or cash?  Then after returning home, get reimbursed from your insurance company; is this something you can do?

Would you like to have a “Free Confidential Medical Evaluation” with the doctor of this clinic to inquire if you would be a good candidate for the clinic?

If Yes . . . 

Then, you must arrive at the clinic while there is still time to help you,


You must stay long enough for the natural treatments to help you (usually 3 to 6-weeks) is sufficient for most all cancers and types.  Then, you can rejoice, and go home without cancer. 

What to do now . . . 

Click here or below, and follow the link to the clinic web-site.

Peggy and Ben

Ben had been struggling with cancer for 8 years and was ready to give up when he found our website.

Mary and Henery

Video of Marie and Henery from the country of Belize